Marco's POV (Pic of Brianna on the side)

I watched my beautiful mate as she looked at the flower bed. She loves violets. I am so glad that I finally found her. She makes me complete. At first when I saw her, I wasn't to happy that she was my mate. She is a human, and I am a Beta. But after spending weeks together I saw the truth. She wasn't just some smelly, weak, spoiled human. No she is my mate, and I should start treating her like it. So I did, I bought her flowers, cooked for her (since she hates cooking), and I even payed some gardeners to plant some violets outside her window.

At first Brianna started to get suspicious, but eventually she realized that I wasn't going to stop being nice to her so she started accepting it. Accepting me. Now she and I are basically inseparable.

You are probably wondering 'Why did you threaten Miranda?' Well long story short, I wanted her dead because she is a human. You see, human's are practically defenseless, weak, and now she is the Alpha female, the Luna. She is supposed to lead our pack along with Rome the Alpha. Rome is our leader and if a problem occurs, then he will have to fight, but his mate our Luna won't be able to because she is human. Now I know Rome, and the whole entire time he is fighting, he won't stop from worrying about his mate. Of course all mates worry about each other whether they are werewolves or not, but when you have a defenseless and weak human as your mate, then you worry even more. Trust me I know, I worry enough about Brianna. So try to understand, some packs get humans as mates, but our Alpha, Beta, and Gemma all have humans as mates, so you would think an Alpha having a human mate is bad, but we are the top three people in our pack and we all have humans! So I wanted to get rid of Miranda, and probably Layla, well heck, I wanted to even get rid of my own mate Brianna, but I couldn't do it. I couldn't hurt any of them, the pack bond was to strong for me to hurt Miranda since she is my Luna, and Layla looks far to innocent for her own good, and for Brianna, well she's my mate, I would die for her now, and I would've died for her then too.

When I explained this to Rome, he understood my feeling for his mate. At first he was pretty darn angry, but when I explained to him the way I saw things, he understood my concern for the pack. As Beta I am supposed to look after the pack when the Alpha can't and since we all have human mates, it makes our pack weak.

But now, I want to make things right. I know I scared Miranda, and she impressed me when she stood up to me to protect her friends. I respect her now more then I did, and I want to make things right.

Alpha Rome, told me that it wasn't the right time, that she needed some space from me, and of course I understood, so me and Layla went to my house, the home of my mother before after she left my father. I can feel the hatred swell up inside of me at just the thought of my father, but that's a story for another time.

Me and Brianna, are getting along perfectly. I thought after a hundred years, I would never find my mate, but I did, and she was well worth the wait.

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