His Precious Mate (Miranda's Pic on the side)

                        Darian's POV (For AlizaSolivan)

 I watched as my beautiful mate was just staring blankly at the food placed in front of her. She has been doing this ever since her and Miranda was separated and that was 2 weeks ago, and honestly it has been driving me nuts. She wont eat, and I have to literally beg her to drink. She hardly moves and she wont smile. I miss her smile, she has just a beautiful smile. I heard Rome also was having a hard time to get his mate to do anything.

I'm not so sure how much longer I can hold out with Layla not eating, she has already lost a ton of weight and that's scary. 

 "Please eat something." I begged her while looking desperately into her unwavering eyes

 She didn't move a muscle.

 "Please.... For me?" I asked her again and she just shrugged

 "I-I don't want you to die." I told her with desperation while grabbing her hand gently

 She just pulled her hand away from mine and crossed her arms

 "Darling, please just take a bite. Please and I won't bug you." I asked pleadingly

 She tentatively picked up her fork and hesitantly took a bite. She dropped her fork on  her plate and left the table. I quickly shot up from my seat and followed behind her. She went up the stairs and into her bedroom since she refused to sleep with me and she laid on the bed.

 I looked longingly at her before slowly exiting the room and shutting the door behind me. I went down the stairs and sat on the couch. A few minutes later exhaustion hit me. My eyes blinked shut and I fell asleep

                                              Layla's POV

 Ah, finally he has fallen asleep, unaware of my amazing plan. I quickly yet quietly ran down the stairs and into the kitchen. I quickly grabbed his keys and reluctantly stopped in front of the table where the chocolate chip pancakes sat. I quickly stuffed my mouth full of them while appreciating how yummy it was. I then ran out side and unlocked Darian's amazing truck and slid in the drivers side. I started it up and drove on out of there.

 Cya Darian... I thought and it surprised me that it felt as though my heart broke a little.... 

                Darian's POV

 I awoke and was startled to see it was actually dark outside. I then relaxed, probably Layla is stillsleeping. I reasoned with myself 'No something is wrong, go check on her.' My wolf said and he honestly startled me, he didn't like it that our mate was hurting so he had stopped talking to me and him saying that scared me. I quickly jumped from the sofa and ran upstairs into Layla's room. I looked around frantically searching for her. I noticed the bed was empty, but I heard the shower running and I forced myself to relax See she is just in the shower. I told my wolf 'Are you sure...' Asked my wolf before he blocked me off. Once again I found my heart pounding in fear. She wouldn't leave me, would she? 

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