The Date (Part 2)

Later That Day

I was gazing at the beautiful ocean, as the sun was setting. Today was the best day of my life, Rome and I spent hours just talking, laughing, and smiling while getting to know each other. Being with Rome just makes me so happy. Right Now I was starring at the ocean with happiness swirling up inside of me and with Rome standing beside me it just increased my happiness.

With the sun setting, it made a rather romantic moment, and I couldn't but help wonder if he was going to kiss me. I looked up at him and he looked down at me, our gazes locked and it seemed as is we were locked in this beautiful moment forever, and just as I thought he wasn't going to kiss me, he bent down and our lips touched for the very first time...

Well, guess what, I'm BACK!! My vacation was absolutely amazing, but I couldn't wait to get back home. I hope you guys/gals weren't to lonely without me. I hope you enjoyed this rather romantic chapter.

Any Mistakes? Feedback is appreciated.

How do you think Miranda will react to the kiss? and how do you think Layla's and Darian's date is going?

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