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Patient Twelve by masonfitzzy
Patient Twelveby Mason FitzGibbon
Diana wakes up in pain, tied to a bed and unable to escape. She's been trapped by a group of surgeons with a twisted passion and she's their next victim. ...
Yandere "family" x reader  by imjustish
Yandere "family" x reader by pic
Y/n lives a hard life, she's a 15 year old girl, completely normal right? Wrong. At home she takes constant abuse, all the while working three jobs to support her "...
CODE OCEAN by xxxxLuciferxxxx
CODE OCEANby xxxxLuciferxxxx
Raven is an experienced security officer. She is assigned to body guard Billie Eilish after an increase in terror incidents. This will be one of the hardest details she...
CreepyPasta x Reader  by kasumi-Okazaki
CreepyPasta x Reader by Okazaki
THE BOSS: HE OWNS MY HEART by trouvailleeeee
• • • • • E x c e r p t • • • • • "What are you doing?" I pushed him back but he stood like a wall. Determined. Crushing me between his chest and the door. I g...
My Deadly Secret Admirer.. by RelivetheNightmare
My Deadly Secret Admirer..by xXxNightViolaxXx
Nikki Burke has been always loved by secret admirers... Nothing much really just guys who are shy to tell face to face. When Nikki’s boyfriend was found gruesomely murde...
Operation: Dard and Devotion by sprinkleofhayat
Operation: Dard and Devotionby sprinkleofhayat
As if being kidnapped from a poverty-stricken town in the Middle East was not horrifying enough, Hayat Ishfaq, a 21 year-old American Muslim, is forced to watch the slow...
SCP 1471 [An anomalous life] by Inugam_i
SCP 1471 [An anomalous life]by ‎uwu
Helped by his anomalous friend, Quentin will try to go back to his boring old life. Though, the foundation won't make it easy for him.
Pregnant By My Bestfriend by meredithmariala
Pregnant By My Bestfriendby Meredith Mariala
Amber is a 28 year old seeking love, alongside her best friend Kai Corbett. When she thinks she found the perfect guy, she finds out she's pregnant. Is she positive it's...
Little Stutter by YourAverageGayKid
Little Stutterby Kenzie💛
-Unedited- New book cover. "I-I'll miss y-you." I admitted sadly feeling as if I was going to burst into tears any second now. "I'll miss you too. But d...
Stalked by destinymatiska
Stalkedby Destiny
What would you do if a couple weird texts turned your life for the worst? Ariana had everything she ever wanted until it was all ripped away from her by the hands of one...
The house by the lake. Haikyuu ships love story by Iwaizumih26
The house by the lake. Haikyuu shi...by Iwaizumih26
Atsumu and Osamu Miya inherit a house by a lake when their grandfather dies. The house needs renovating so the boys each invite 5 of their friends from college to help w...
A Small Town by AllanFisher
A Small Townby Allan Fisher
Ding Dong Dell... the Witch is in the well... Reeling from a nasty divorce, Jeffrey "Bax" Baxter heads north to start over. But when his car breaks down in a s...
Togetherness? - Little Nightmares - Mono x Six by Deadmandrifting935
Togetherness? - Little Nightmares...by Alberto
SO we will once more embark on a journey to the Pale City. Probably with more twists and turns. Little Nightmares franchise and characters do not belong to me. The cover...
The Survival by BiaRelvas
The Survivalby Bia
An average university girl living a normal life, surrounded by friends and family, has everything she could want or need. One trip will change her life forever. One inno...
Two Scars, A Rainbow six story by JamesVick5
Two Scars, A Rainbow six storyby James Vick
This story follows the tale of a former Marine Captain named Damien Grey. He left the Marines in shame after half of his squad was gunned down in a valley in Afghanistan...
Hacker love 2 - Terror connection by Niharfiction1
Hacker love 2 - Terror connectionby Nihar
Continuation of hacker's love. This story contain high and intimate mature scenes so read it at your own risk.
Spiderman one shots by Grootedtree
Spiderman one shotsby Marvel_Momma
"Mr. Stark? Hello? Mr. Rogers?!" Peter tried to scream but to no avail, and he sunk deeper into the blackness of his own mind. "Anyone?" He whimpered...
Khamoshiyaan by iam_ishika
Khamoshiyaanby Ishika
In this story, Ishqi and Ahaan dies due to some reason (mentioned in story) and their love story remains uncompleted. They will reborn again but will they able to fulfil...
Draco Malfoy's Worst Fear by LokiThorodinson4king
Draco Malfoy's Worst Fearby Cerrina Helene-Hope Foster
Draco had willingly decided to attend Hogwarts when the eighth years were welcomed back, just to get away from Lucius. However, what happens when Professor Lupin, the DA...