Distressed Mates

                           Layla's POV                        Layla's Pic to the side 

 It was official, me and Miranda are avoiding our mates. The last couple of days they only talk about the mating process, making me very uncomfortable.

 Brianna is a different story. She wont leave her mates side, and it's getting on my nerves. Whenever she is with us, she goes on and on about 'how great her mate is' and 'My mate is so sexy'. So we are avoiding her as well. 

 We are currently hiding in a guest room, while watching cheesy movies on the tv in here.

 "Ugh, what are we gonna do?" Asked Miranda while turning to me with a frown on her face

 "I don't know," I answered while also having a frown on my face "Maybe we could- no that would never work."

 "We can't hide forever." Said Miranda

 "Yeah," Was all I said

 "Miranda, Layla, we need to speak with you..." A voice called out making me and Miranda look at each other skeptically. After a moment or two Miranda shrugged her shoulders and stood up off the bed. I stood up as well and we both headed to the living room, and we saw Rome and Darian sitting on one of the couches and Marco and Brianna sitting on another.

 Darian patted beside him, as if to tell me to sit, but I shook my head and crossed my arms with a frown on my face.

"It's nice for you ladies to finally join us." Said Darian making me roll my eyes

 "Just spit it out already, what do you want?" Said Miranda sternly as she glared at Rome and Darian

 "Okay, okay." Stalled Darian as he avoided looking me in the eyes, well that's confusing.

 "Enough stalling." Said Miranda with a frown on her face

 "Okay, us men have decided that it would be better to split up and head into our own homes." Said Rome quickly 

 my arms dropped limply as did my jaw in shock. 

 "Wha-what?" Asked Miranda clearly as shocked as I was

 "We believe that it would be better if you two split up for a while." Said Rome again, and Miranda walked up to Rome and slapped him in the face. The echo of the slap went throughout the room. That must of hurt

 "Who do you think you are!" Shouted Miranda "You can't tell us what to do and expect us to be okay with it! Me and Layla are not splitting up!" Shouted Miranda again while Rome was rubbing his cheek that most likely was stinging.

 "Brianna has already agreed to go with Marco." Said Darian I walked up to Darian and slapped him

 "We could care less if Brianna agreed or not!"  Shouted Miranda 

 "You are going whether you want to or not!" Shouted Rome making me freeze

 "No were NOT!" Shouted Miranda back at him

 "Yes you are!" He shouted again before picking Miranda up and throwing him over her shoulder

 I looked warily at Damian before I started running but he grabbed my wrist and threw me over his shoulder. 

 "Let me down!" I shouted at Darian and he just chuckled making me fill up with anger

 "I hate you!" I shouted at him and I could feel him tense up but he didn't stop walking

                              Miranda's POV

 "Put me down now!" I shouted at Rome but he just let out a low growl

 "I hate you!" I shouted at him and he froze in place before chuckling lowly 

 "No you don't." He said in a deep voice that didn't sound like his normal voice, before continuing to walk

 "What-" I was cut off from him throwing me in the back seat of a car I quickly sat up and lounged at the door. I quickly fell out the door and I landed on gravel, I ignored the pain that the palms of my hands were in as the gravel pressed in them and I got up and started running. Before I could make it very far, Rome grabbed my wrist and threw me back first into side of the car.

 I groaned in pain and I struggled to get out of his grip. He had one hand holding my wrists above my head and his body was pinned against mine making it impossible to move. I looked up into his eyes and saw that they were pitch black making my heart pound in fear. Oh my gosh, he wont hurt me will he? and then I noticed the pain my wrists and my back was in. 

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