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Hey guys, it's been a while. I am so sorry for not updating, but I couldn't figure out where to go with this story. Anyways, enjoy :)

Layla's Pov

I sat unmoving, I just watched. And waited. For something, anything... to happen.

My amazing mate Darian just laid there, still as death, but the beeping of the heart monitor says otherwise. In truth he was fighting for his life, fighting for me.

I've never truly felt as I have now, I admit that I love Darian. Whenever I am near him my heart races, when he smiles it lights up my life, and when he laughs I feel as though I'm flying through the sky.

Ryan, my boyfriend. Oh my, technically I've been cheating on him. If he finds out, I'm going to be in big trouble.

He was my first love, and as stupid as I sound, I thought what we had was love.

But Darian has never hit me.
And I pray to God that he never will

I knew I had to make a decision, either Darian or Ryan.

I know who I'm going to choose.

Brianna's Pov

I waited in fear, blood trickled down my face coming from a large gash in my head.

What happened?

Me and Marco were on a walk in the woods, when he had to go help with the fight.

It was a war! Marco was fighting in a war?! He could die! Oh no, he can't die. He can't leave me. Not when I've finally found him.

A slam sounded upstairs making me jump. I didn't get far as I was bound to a metal chair. The wire dug uncomfortably into my wrists and ankles.

Where am I? I asked myself confusedly and a little dazed. I tried to think back to what I can last remember...

I was walking back to the pack house when all of a sudden I was grabbed from behind. Rough and hostile hand grabbed my waist.

With quick reflexes I elbowed him in the face the shock  made him let go of me. Instead of running I turned around to face him. He had a mask on, but something seemed familiar about him.

Then out of no where I was grabbed by another guy, I struggled to get out of his grasp and he chuckled. The first man angrily stalked towards me.

I stopped struggling and lowered my head. Making it seem as though I was giving up.

As soon as he got close enough I kicked him where it hurts. He gasped and fell to his knees. 
The man that held me cussed under his breath. I started struggling again until something made contact with the back of my head. Falling forward I overcame into darkness.

That's all I remember.

All of a sudden I heard a door open. Footsteps thudded against the stairs. Dread filled me as I tearfully said a prayer.

The footsteps got louder until it stopped seemingly right in front of me.

My heart is racing, I tried getting out of the binds that held me to this chair. No success. 

A hard hand made contact with my cheek, making a loud noise as my head flung to the side.

That's the end to this chapter.

What happened to Brianna?

Who will Layla choose?

I am actually quite pleased with this chapter, I actually feel pretty good about it :D

Once again, sorry for not updating in a while, but luckily I know where I am going with this story now. Hopefully the next update will be quicker :)

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