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Reaper (Reaper MC Book 1) (Unedited) by Dredge116
Reaper (Reaper MC Book 1) ( Dredge
Katie Hughes is the daughter of the President of The Reaper's MC. She's seen all the trouble that this life brings. Sometimes she wants to get away and live a normal lif...
  • president
  • bikers
  • love
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If You Didn't Want Me Why Did You Kidnap Me?! by xLimewireJunkiex
If You Didn't Want Me Why Did xLimewireJunkiex
Schuyler was kidnapped walking home from her job a couple streets away from her house, by a group of guys that seem no older than her. they were hoping for a girl named...
  • school
  • boys
  • hostage
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My Loving Alpha Mate by Xx_zarie_xX
My Loving Alpha Mateby Zarie
They used to hate each other, then she moved away for three years. Now she's back for senior year and everything is different.He is arrogant and cocky. And his name? Cha...
  • unexpected
  • after
  • hayden
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Rebound, But Newfound [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
Rebound, But Newfound [boyxboy]by Jen
17 year old Zeke is a normal enough boy. He's gay, friendly, a soccer player, and occasionally over hyper. His new boyfriend Tommy is relaxed and quiet kind of guy. Zeke...
  • break
  • foul
  • homosexual
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Kidnapped by my Mate by JustThunder
Kidnapped by my Mateby JustThunder
#275 In Werewolf We were just walking home when he came out behind Miranda, he grabbed her and pulled her into him and held a knife to her throat. "Scream I will...
  • laughing
  • dates
  • attacked
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Unleashed by Book_Monster_Rawr
Unleashedby Aimee Partain
Greenberg, a small town in the middle of no where, deep in the forest, was indeed small. But like every town or city, it has drama and gossip. Anywhere there is mankind...
  • training
  • werewolf
  • penelope
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Threats (Larry Stylinson Fanfic) by ladybugluck
Threats (Larry Stylinson Fanfic)by YUP
TW: self-harm, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, a whole bunch of messed up bullshit Harry never thought he'd fall for his best friend. Neither did Louis. They did, an...
  • mugged
  • kidnapped
  • zayn
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Because We Belong by CarsonSinclair
Because We Belongby Carson_SexDevil_Sinclair
Micheal Corinthose, the son of Sonny Corinthose, has no idea as to where he belongs. After getting out of prison for the murder of his step mother, Michael is faced with...
  • melissa
  • attacked
  • corinthos
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I was sold to my gang leader love//: kidnapped by thisloserit
I was sold to my gang leader qween nothing
The abandonment. Then the chances given. And the realationship with three boys that are actually a lot of fun. The cake. BRIANS cake. And the trips to the mark...
  • childish
  • sold
  • attacked
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Forever In Sleep [Percy Jackson Fanfic] by -starboyy
Forever In Sleep [Percy Jackson nadi
Sleep Paralysis: /slēp pəˈraləsəs/ a phenomenon in which a person either during falling asleep or awakening, temporarily experiences an inability to move, speak, or reac...
  • sleepparalysis
  • khione
  • percyjacksonfafnfic
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Help Her {a maze runner fanfic}  by lovelydol_
Help Her {a maze runner fanfic} by effy dol
The glades are shocked at what Thomas and Minho bring back from inside the maze. NEWT Fanfic - (love story w him)
  • greenie
  • jamesdashner
  • mazerunnergirl
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Once Bitten, Twice Turned (Sample; Available On Amazon Link in Profile) by annemarshallofficial
Once Bitten, Twice Turned (Sample; Anne Marshall
In a world where vampires, werewolves, and witches run rampant, no one is truly safe. Adela is a normal human in a supernatural world, and that's how she wishes to stay...
  • fangs
  • witch
  • vampire
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Violet (Street Fighter #1) by NightmareCrusader
Violet (Street Fighter #1)by Jo
Peyton - Violet - Rhys is well known at her school for being a whore's daughter. She is unpopular and bullied by her ex-friends every day. Not to mention that two of the...
  • stalker
  • attacked
  • streetfighter
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Bitten by a Werewolf Shifter by coolgirl185
Bitten by a Werewolf Shifterby coolgirl185
Alicia is a normal girl. Chris is anything but normal, as Alpha of his wolf shifter pack, he needs to find a mate, soon, or he will lose his Alpha position due to ancie...
  • sadness
  • moved
  • missing
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Heart Attack |H.S| أزمْـة قَـلبـيـّة  by moemadd
Heart Attack |H.S| أزمْـة قَـلبـيـ MoNa
"أصبحت كالعاشق المجنون بحُبك، وأنتي غير مُبالية" وضع جبينه علي جبينها و همس بألم "دَعيني أُحِبك" "لا أستطيع أن احمل بإبنٍ لـ هاري .." "...
  • harry
  • heart
  • fanfiction
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I hate my mate by beautifulwolfeye
I hate my mateby werewolf stories
Valentina's pack was attacked by an other pack. A much stronger, much bigger and much powerful pack then hers. As a small and not so strong pack, they ofcourse lost. Val...
  • werewolf
  • wolf
  • wolfblood
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The Basement (kidnapped by 1D fan fic) by distorted-mind
The Basement (kidnapped by 1D distorted-mind
"Why isn't she awake?" Some guy asked. "She should be by now," Zayn replied. "Is she even still alive?" An Irish guy asked. I flinched sl...
  • kidnap
  • harry
  • fan
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Minecraft Story Mode | The Last Attacked by _Miss_Raffa_
Minecraft Story Mode | The Last Raffaborboo
► Plot: "After Jesse have returned from their adventures, it started happening strange creatures attacks all over the city, until they found out they were vampires...
  • minecraft
  • last
  • minecraftstorymode
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Love on the Run (From Zombies) by LilyCrussell
Love on the Run (From Zombies)by Lily Crussell
Rain has loved Jack for as long as she can remember, but it takes the zombie apocalypse for him to notice her.
  • sickness
  • fiction
  • walkers
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The Alpha's Daughter by AlliNeedisYou912
The Alpha's Daughterby Sam
Elizabeth Tanner has always been alone, her father is distant and cold and her mother has never been a part of her life. Her mother left them when Elizabeth was a baby...
  • supernatural
  • secrets
  • star
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