The Attack

Layla's POV

I just stood there holding Miranda tight as she cried. I whispered soothing things into her ear and rubbed her back.

I knew I had to ask her about whatever that had upset her, but I'm going to wait until she calms down.

"It's alright Miranda." I said soothingly as her crying seemed to ease up a bit

"Am I a monster?" Asked Miranda quietly and I could barely hear her as she pulled away and looked me in the face. Her eyes were red and puffy, as she looked up at me with a sort of brokenness that I had never seen before.

"No!" I told her with a stern voice "You are one of the most loving, caring, gentle, and bravest person that I know! I don't care what anyone else says you are, but to me.... You are the greatest friend I've ever had."

"Really?" She asked slowly

"Really." I told her with a smile

Miranda smiled at me and then slowly wiped the tears from her eyes

"I'm a coward." Miranda said in her strong voice that I always now her by, as her smile turned into a frown

"How so?" I asked her

"I keep running from my fears and mistakes." She said as a sort of calmness and understanding washed over her

"And what are you going to do about that fear and mistakes?" I asked her once again as I held back a happy smile that was trying to form

"I'm going to fix it." She said confidently, I finally smiled that triumphant smile that was trying to come out. Miranda was back.

Miranda's POV

I knew what I had to do, I ran away from my fear, mistakes and even my feelings. But no longer! I had to make things right, I have to face..... Rome.

A loud knock made me and Layla jump, and before we could answer the door quickly opened and a man in his late thirties poked his head in.

"Sorry to disturb you, but you must get to the safe house... We are under attack."

Hey guys, I'm BACK!!! Sorry for the long wait and short chapter, but I didn't feel any inspiration for a while and I still don't really. Well there you go, finally we will be getting into some action, and more drama. I got to say, that I am truly proud of myself for getting 'triumphant' right on the first try.

So, what feelings do you think that Miranda was running away from? Also, who do you think is attacking them?

I may try to start to wrap this book up, it may actually happen in the next few chapters. I just feel as though this book is starting to get to long. Anyway have a great and safe week.

Any Mistakes? Feedback is appreciated

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