The Kiss

Miranda's POV (Marco's Pic on the side)

 One Day Later


He bent down and our lips touched for the very first time... I am standing in shock as he is kissing me. .When I finally recovered I pushed him away from me making him stumble back

"That was not part of the deal!" I told him angrily and then I slapped him. Turning away from him, I ran. I ran like there was no tomorrow. He kissed me! I was confused, my emotions were raging out of control, I ducked behind a wall and put my hands on my pounding head while squeezing my eyes shut. He kissed me! Why would he kiss me! I have a boyfriend! My thoughts went out of control and my head was pounding making me whimper in pain as I slid down the wall onto my knees. Why did I like it when we kissed?! Why did it feel as though fireworks were going off when we kissed?!

"Luna?" I heard a distant voice ask in a confused tone but I chose to ignore it and focus on my thoughts. He shouldn't have kissed me!

"Luna, relax." I heard the voice say as someone gently touched my forehead "You need to calm down."

I tried to listen to the voice but my head...

"Miranda just take deep breaths," Said the voice and I did as he said "That's right Luna, in and out... Relax."

Slowly my head calmed and I could finally think straight, slowly opening my eyes I studied the man crouched in front of me and he looked vaguely familiar. His dark hair and light eyes looked so familiar. Wait! It's Marco!

"Marco?" I asked slowly and weakly as tiredness took over my body

"Yes Luna, it's me." He replied. To tired to say anymore I went limp against the wall. After a moment that seemed liked forever I felt arms go around me and I was lifted up and carried bridal style before I blacked out

 Flashback Over

I slowly peeled my eyes open as I looked at the white ceiling, my head was pounding and my muscles feel as though they have been asleep for ages. I slowly sat up on the comfortable bed and I looked around at the room.

I didn't recognize the modern style bedroom, with dark grey walls and a white carpet. Modern paintings were hung, but the closet was empty and it seemed as though no one has been living in this room for a while.

I slowly placed my feet down on the soft carpet. Gaining a spark of courage I stood up, but when the door opened suddenly all my courage vanished and loosing my balance I fell face first onto the carpet making a dull thud sound in the process.

"Oh!" Exclaimed a shocked female voice as she rushed over to me

I slowly turned onto my back and I was shocked to see a confused and frantic Brianna standing over me

"Oh Miranda, are you okay?" She asked frantically as she helped me onto the bed

"Bri?" I asked her just to confirm it.

"Yeah, that's me." She said as she smiled at me for the first time it seemed since we were kidnapped

"What happened?" I asked as I rubbed my forehead

"Oh, Marco said that he found you leaning against a wall when you collapsed. He actually carried you all the way to our house since ours is closer then yours." She told me almost dreamily as she talked about Marco and I mentally cringed as though she accepted that she was kidnapped.

"Oh," Was all I said as I tried to remember what happened

"Rome was coming to get you but Marco told him that you probably needed a couple of days to think." Brianna said in a cheery voice. What she told me made everything come back to me

"He kissed me!" I told Brianna frantically

"Well of course he did, it was such a romantic moment and with his werewolf hormones, he couldn't help himself." Stated Brianna dreamily as though it wasn't a big deal

"Well, unlike you, I actually have a boyfriend waiting for me at home!" I shouted at her angrily. Brianna looked at me with hurt and I immediately felt guilty at yelling at her. I opened my mouth to apologize but the door was flung open, and a rather confused Marco came barging in.

"What happened? What's all the yell-" He started but abruptly halted his sentence as he looked over to his mate who looked. I notice his eyes softened at the sight of her but then he got angry when he noticed that she was sad.

Marco looked over at me and raised an eyebrow as if telling me 'what happened?'

"I got angry and yelled at her." I said guiltily and his eyes held understanding in them making me confused. Why isn't he mad at me for yelling at his mate? He walked over to Brianna and pulled her into his chest. He whispered something in her ear before he kissed her on the forehead and let her go.

Brianna didn't look me in the eyes, as she walked out of the room... leaving me and Marco alone.

"Look, I'm sorry that I yelled at Brianna okay. It's just... I'm on edge and I don't know why?" I started out saying that confidently but then toward the end of the sentence my voice grew confused and a little scared.

Looking up into Marco's eyes "I don't know what's happening to me." I told him in a whisper feeling desperate

Marco looked down at me with understanding and uncertainty "I'll tell you everything you want to know, and I'll try to explain your own feelings to you."

Oooh, I liked writing this chapter :D We have a little Brianna in this one, and we also have Miranda and Marco in the same room. The next chapter may be about what happened when Darian kissed Layla, but I'm not sure yet.

 Any mistakes? Feedback is appreciated.


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