The Date (Part 1)

Miranda's POV

It was the day, the day of the date. To say I am nervous is an understatement. I was finally going on a date with Rome. I guess I really shouldn't feel this way, the way that my heart races at just the sight of him, the way my heart flutters when he smiles. It is just so hard to hate him when he is such a great guy. I really shouldn't be feeling this way since I do have a boyfriend, but I just never felt this way with Jase, and I can't deny the way I feel and the happiness I get with Rome.

After I showered and brushed my hair, I left my hair down in it's natural state. I dressed into a beautiful black dress that really fits my body well. I wore light makeup. I was then ready to go. Before I got second-thoughts about my dress I went into the living room to meet Rome.

He was absolutely handsome in his suit and tie, he was just gorgeous. My heart pounded as he looked me up and down, then he smiled the most charming smile I have ever seen.

"You look beautiful."

Rome's POV

I looked at the beautiful woman in front of me. She looked just stunning and beautiful. I smiled the best smile I could at her, and she smiled back at me.

"You look beautiful." I complimented and it was true, she was just, amazingly beautiful, and she didn't flaunt it, which made her even more beautiful.

"Thanks, you don't look bad yourself." Miranda said as she looked me over

"Let's go, shall we?" I asked her and she nodded. I led her outside and we got into my car

"So where are we going?" Miranda asked me

"You'll have to wait and see." I told her with a grin

"Well, fine." Said Miranda as she crossed her arms and turned away from me making me smile at her silliness

"You'll love it." I promised as I glanced at her with a smile still on my face and I smiled even more when Miranda smiled

15 Minutes Later

"We're here!" I said happily as I stopped in front of our destination

"But we're at the harbor?" Said Miranda in a confused tone

"Come on." I told her as I got out of the car and walked toward the dock

"Okay..." Said Miranda just as confused as before as she followed me

Miranda's POV

I was just as confused as ever as I followed Rome. I literally have no idea what to expect, I mean I thought we were going to some fancy restaurant or something but he surprised me when we showed up to the harbor...

That's when I saw it, I looked in awe at the flower peddle covered pathway that led to the beautiful boat in-front of me. I looked up at a smiling Rome and he held his hand out to me, and I took it with my own hand. Leading me onto the beautiful pathway, he smiled a beautiful smile at me, and I smiled back at him and if it's even possible his smile widened and got even more beautiful.

Holding my hand in his, he led me onto the boat, and I was surprised to see that the flower trail continued. We followed the trail until we came to a beautiful table. Letting go of my hand Rome disappeared around the corner, but before I could even blink he was back and holding a beautiful bouquet of blue tulips. Handing them to me I gazed at the beautiful flowers and smiled at Rome. Smiling back at me Rome walked over to the table. Following him to the table I saw rather romantic candles and red wine placed on top.

When me and Rome were seated we were greeted by a butler.

"Now, what would Miss Miranda like?" He asked in his Italian accent. Thinking it over I had finally decided

"I would like some spaghetti please." I answered

"And I would like the same." Said Rome as he smiled at me and I smiled back

"Alright it will be right out." Said the butler as he smiled at me

(Had to end it here due to the rest of it not saving)

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