Falling For Him (Jase's pic to the side) Layla's POV

"The war is over our Alpha won!" Shouted a female werewolf with two kids. Everyone had looks of relief. Some are cheering, some are clapping, and others are laughing with relief.
 "Thank goodness!" Said Miranda with a smile

 "I hope that not many men are hurt." I said while an unfamiliar feeling sunk into the pit of my stomach. Miranda noticed the frown on my face and was just about to ask me something when two men ran up to us.

 "Are you Layla, Darian's mate?" Asked one of the men.

 "I am." I responded

 "Darian has been severely injured." He told me with sadness in his eyes while the other man had his head bowed down in respect.

 "What! Take me to him." I pleaded while trying to control my emotions.

 Miranda's POV

 I looked at Layla with most likely a stunned look on my face. I guess I started to believe that the guys  were sorta invincible, you know. I never really thought that one of them could get hurt and I was foolish for thinking that. 

 One of them took Layla's arm and started escorting her out of the room. I started to go after her but the other man held me back.

 "My apologies Luna, but I don't think that's a good idea right now." He tried to explain, I gave him a 'what' look, "He's in pretty bad shape, the doc doesn't think he'll live." 

 "No, he can't die." I mumbled 

 "The Alpha would like to see you." 

 "Okay." I replied while not thinking straight, Darian can't die. He's the best thing that happened to Layla, as much as i don't want to admit it. Layla's boyfriend was great and all, but sometimes he didn't have the time to hang out with Layla as much as she wanted him to. Plus he doesn't really want marriage or kids, the very things that Layla wants most.

 I looked around and saw some woman crying as men undoubtedly explained that their mates were killed in the battle. Some ran out of the room with disbelief but even I -without werewolf hearing- could hear the wails of the woman who found it to be true. Kids to young to understand looked up to their mother with confusion laced in their young, innocent faces. 

 Only then did I realize, how heartbroken I would have been if I knew that Rome was gone, and was never coming back. I was falling for him.


  "Whew!" I shouted as the bowling ball struck the pins, earning me a strike "Beat that boys!" I told them playfully while sticking my tongue out at them.

 "Aw you just got lucky." Said Ryan with his arm resting on Layla's shoulders.

 "This is the 4th strike and we're not even halfway through." I told him with disbelief

"Looks like my girl is finally growing up, and is almost at the point of not being horrible at bowling." Said Jase with playfulness obvious in his eyes as he pulled me into a kiss.

 "Oh don't worry guys, I am horrible enough for the both of us." Layla said and the four of us broke out into laughter. Turning my attention to Brianna, I noticed that unsurprisingly she sat with chin resting in her hand as she was looking of in the distance off in her own little world.

 I walked over to her "You know they could use your help over there." 

 Looking up at me as she was brought back into reality. "Nah, I'm fine." 

 "You know, there's probably a prince charming waiting out there for you. Why not have some fun while you wait for him?" I told her with a sympathetic smile. All Brianna has ever wanted was true love, but she has not yet found the right one yet.

 Sanding up Brianna looked at me and gave me a small smile in return "I guess so." 

All the while, no one even thought to notice the mysterious man who sat close by, and yet even stranger, no one had noticed how hungrily he was staring at Brianna. Or even when another man walked and then stood behind him and tapped his shoulder. The man looked up, and the other one glanced at the direction that the man was looking at, then he nodded hesitantly the man got up and followed the other man outside.

3 Weeks Later, One Night Before The Kidnapping (Still in flashback)

I  sat on Jase's lap while in his car in an empty parking lot. He hungrily kissed me making mentally annoyed at the fact that he acted as though this was the first time, even though it surely hasn't been. His hands are firmly placed on my butt but were slowly sliding up my sides. He then started to take my shirt off but I refused him. He persisted and I had enough. 
 I jumped out of his car and started walking toward my house. I heard Jase mumble something that was not very nice as he sped off, I just rolled my eyes. Lately he just keeps wanting more and more and I've had just about enough, I guess he just isn't the guy that I feel like will cherish me from the beginning till the end. Ah who am I kidding, with my looks I bet all men would just want me for sex anyway. I won't ever find the kind of guy that would love me for me. Well at least in this town. 

I guess it was time to break up.

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