Layla's Date

Layla's POV (Darian's Pic on the side)

Note This is taking place when Miranda is having her own date ;)

Well, I'm finally going on a date with Darian. Miranda is out on a date with Rome, so me and Darian are going out. Darian told me to wear something casual but nice, so I decided on a beautiful sundress.

I brushed my hair but I left it wavy, and I put on some lip gloss. Then I was ready, my heart was racing and I my stomach was doing flips, but I still left my room and went into the living room.

Leaning against a wall and totally looking hot, was Darian. He wore a casual but nice button down shirt, and he had jeans on.

"Wow," Exclaimed Darian as he looked me up and down "You look stunning."

"Thanks." Was all I said as I fought back a blush

"Right this way Madam" Said Darian winking at me as he held the front door open for me

"Thank you again." I told him as I walked out the door

"Anything for you." He said as he then walked over to his nice and expensive car.

Surprisingly Darian walked over to the passenger side and opened the door for me. Sliding in the car Darian shut the door and walked back over to his side and got in.

"So where are we going?" I asked him

"It's a surprise." He answered before smiling a charming smile and without hesitating I smiled back.

Darian's POV

I looked at her for the hundredth time today, but I couldn't help it. She looked absolutely stunning today, and since I haven't really had time to admire her beauty before, I am definitely making up for it now. I hope she likes what I have planned for her. I hope I don't disappoint her.

When we finally arrived I stopped the car and raced over to Layla's side, I opened the door for her and she got out.

"Thank you." Layla said with a smile

"Your welcome." I told her with a smile

Layla's POV

"Come on my beautiful lady." Darian said as he took my hand in his.

I was too busy focusing on my blushed face and his hand in mine to even notice where we are. An abrupt stop is what finally made me look up, and what I saw... Is absolutely beautiful, it was so beautiful it actually made me gasp. We were at the beach! The ocean was absolutely beautiful.

I looked up at Darian with a huge smile, and he chuckled and smiled at me

"Oh it get's better." Said Darian with a wink making me blush. Pulling me along Darian led me down the wooden stairs the led to the beach.

When we reached the beach I slipped off my flip-flops and enjoyed the sand. Darian let go of my hand and walked over toward something in the distance. Quickly catching up to him I realized it was a blanket stretched across the sand, and placed upon the blanket was a picnic basket.

"We're having a picnic!" I exclaimed while smiling

"Yep, I heard that you love the outdoors so I decided on a picnic on the beach." Said Darian with a smile

"Who told you?" I demanded

"Brianna." Answered Darian

"Oh Brianna, how is she?" I asked feeling a little guilty for nor thinking about her in a while

"She's settling in with her mate quite nicely." Answered Darian

"Well, she always dreamed of being in an actual serious relationship." I told him

"Well she got one, Marco wouldn't ever hurt Brianna for anything." Said Darian in a complete serious tone

"I'm happy for her." I said

"Well, let's get this feast going!" Said Darian in a happy tone

Okay, another chapter! Well, did you like this chapter? Is it just me or is Darian such a gentleman?

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I think the next chapter or two will be in the lives of Brianna and Marco, so get ready for that.

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