Brianna's Pov

  Did the past finally catch up?

  The slap made my face feel as though it was on fire. The blood from my head slowly trickled down my face as I sat restrained. Unable to move.

Looking up I'm met by two very familiar faces...

Jace and Ryan

Besides looking as though he could commit murder, Ryan had a large gash on his nose. Must have been where I elbowed him. Well he deserved it.

Jace had a dark look, something I have really never seen before. It scares me to be honest.

Pulling up a chair, Ryan sat in front of me while giving me a glare of pure hatred.

"That's what you get for elbowing me in the nose!" He shouted angrily at me. Raising his hand he smacked me again.

"Ryan, enough." Jace commanded

Anger, boiling hot anger was all I felt. I wanted to lash out, break free of the bonds that held me to the chair but I knew that was impossible.

Swallowing the anger I tried to think a little more clearly.

Ryan quickly got off the chair, and Jace took his place.

"Listen Brianna, you don't have to get hurt. Just tell us who those men are and we will let you go." Jace gave me a smile. Now that is for deceiving people. It is not going to work on me. I used all those tricks already.

"You two are in a load of trouble. I hope you know that" I laughed thinking of the things that Marco would do to them. How easily he could break them.

"Don't play games with us!" Ryan angrily shouted. The hostility in this room was overwhelming

"Look, we don't want to hurt you. We just want to get Miranda and Layla away from those freaks." Jace said calmly..a little too calmly

"I'm not telling you anything." I stated, my mind was made up. I would not sell out Marco, or anyone.

Jace slowly rose from the chair, anger seeping into his face. I wanted to look away but not wanting to show fear, I didn't.

"Well then... you are in for a world of pain." Jace chuckled darkly

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