Scary Alpha...

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                                            Scary Alpha...              (Rome's pic on the side)

                                        Miranda's POV

 I looked up at him in fear while ignoring the pain my back and wrists. 

 "Do-Don't say that.." Rome said while panting as his eyes swapped from black and green and his hold on me tightening making my wrists hurt even more

 "Pl-Please let me go..." I said but he didn't move making my heart race in desperation "Your hurting me.." I said in a desperate plea as tears finally escaped and rolled down my face

 As if he was burned Rome immediately released me and took a step backwards. I fell to the ground as soon as Rome released me. 

 "I am so sorry, I don't know what came over me." Said Rome as he knelt down in front of me. He gently reached his hand out toward my face and I flinched making him retract his hand.

 "I am so sorry Miranda." Rome pleaded as he looked deeply into my eyes "Just please don't say that," 

 "Just take me wherever." I said blankly while just staring blankly at him. That was it, I was done. No more fighting, I just don't have the energy anymore and when he hurt me it was if he was breaking apart my heart, piece by piece.

                             Rome's POV

 I looked at her for probably the billionth time since I started driving. She has been acting weird ever since my wolf lost it, with all the drama and the thought that our mate might not want us, put him on edge and when she said 'I hate you', my wolf just lost it. He didn't mean to hurt her but the fear of loosing her just when we found her made him boil with rage. She hasn't looked at us or acted the way she use to since. The fact that she didn't put up a fight is scaring me the most. Usually she squirms or tries to run, but she didn't do any of that. She didn't even blink when I picked her up bridal style and carried her to the car. When I gently placed her in and buckled her up, I thought that she would try to bolt for it as soon as I walked over to the driver's side, but she didn't and that scared me.

  We finally arrived to the house and I showed her around, but she just looked unimpressed making me  feel sad inside

                                            2 weeks later

 It has been 2 weeks and in that time period Miranda hasn't talked or smiled to me. She hardly eats and drinks. She is pale and underweight. It's scary how much she has changed, me and Darian need to put a stop to it.

                            Miranda's POV

 "Miranda, come down here please." I heard Rome call from downstairs I slowly exited my room and walked down the stairs. I found Rome in the living room sitting on the couch. On the love seat sat Layla and Darian

 "LAYLA!!!" I screamed as I started running to her

 Layla bolted up from her seat and started running to me while screaming "MIRANDA!!!" We collided into a hug and we clung to each other unwilling to let each other go...

 "Alright ladies, we have a couple of rules." Said Rome while looking at us with a frown on his face

 Me and Layla hesitantly let go of each other and walked over to the love seat, I glared at Darian "MOVE!" I commanded him and he immediately got off the love seat and sat on the couch with Rome

 Me and Layla sat on the love seat together and turned our attention to Rome

 "If we are all going to be staying together-" He started saying but was cut off with mine and Layla's squealing while hugging each other. Rome cleared his throat loudly and we turned our attention back to him "As I was saying, if we are going to be living together-" He started saying again but he was once again cut off by mine and Layla's squealing "ENOUGH!" Rome shouted while he was glaring at me and Layla, something unexpected happened... I started giggling and I noticed Rome's eyes softened.

 I kept giggling and soon enough Layla started giggling along with me until we finally composed ourselves. We once again looked at Rome  "Okay ifwewillbelivingtogether" He said super fast so we wouldn't cut him off "There is a catch," 

 "Okay what is it?" I asked 

 "You have to give me and Darian a chance." Said Rome 

 "What do you mean by that?" Asked a confused Layla

 "Layla you have to go on 5 dates with Darian, and Miranda you have to go on 5 dates with me."

 "Deal." I said

 Okay guys there you go, sorry I haven't updated sooner but I just couldn't seem to figure out what exactly I wanted to write. I have an announcement! I will be going on VACATION!!!! With my family so I won't be able to update for a while, I will be taking my laptop with me but I'm not sure exactly how much I'll be able to write. Anyway how did you like this chapter? Any Mistakes? Feedback is appreciated.

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