Car Ride
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                      Layla's POV

I woke up sometime later when I heard a car door shut. I tried to open my eyes but when I did all I saw was darkness, and let's just say I honestly started to freak out.

 "Hey, hey, it's alright you just have a blindfold on." Said a soothing mans voice, as he grabbed my arms to try to prevent me from struggling so much.
I surprisingly felt calmer when he touched me and I longed to be held by him. WAIT, what the heck am I thinking!
 "Sorry but my orders where to blindfold you and to put duct tape over your mouth." He said with what sounded like sincere sadness.
"We're just getting gas and as soon as we fill up we will be on the road again. But luckily, were almost home." Home! That's not my home! My home is with my mom and dad!

 I felt bitter and I yanked my hands from his grasp.  After a while of waiting I was startled by a muffled scream and I started to freak out again, It was chaos, someone was trying to get me to stop struggling while someone was yelling at someone else who I believe is Miranda and who I'm guessing is the driver is yelling at all of us to stop. Whoever was grabbing me to try to prevent me from struggling just made me struggle harder. 

 "ENOUGH!!" Shouted someone in a firm, cold, hard voice with so much authority, I immediately  froze in place "We are here." He said with the same cold voice.

What are they going to do to us? What do they want with us? So much things were going around in my head that it was making everything spin.

"Come on." Said the man that grabbed me and I complied as he helped me up since I was blindfolded.

Somehow we made it out of the car without to many problems.

"Let go of me you psychopath!" Shouted who I knew was Miranda I could tell she was struggling so that made me start to struggle too, I, at first tried to take off the duct tape that was wrapped around my wrists but that didn't work I tried to take off the blindfold and I almost had it off when someone grabbed me from behind. I could tell that it wasn't the man who tied me up so I started to freak out

Everything was spinning and it was so dark, loud noises were surrounding me then I blacked out.

          Miranda's POV

I slowly blinked as light shone on my eyes making me grimace. I yawned and tried to stretch but then I realized that my hands were duct taped, that's when everything came crashing down.

I calmed myself and prevented myself from doing something stupid like trying to jump out of this moving van.

I am in the passenger seat, so... who is driving? After I built up as much courage as I could, I finally decided to find out who the driver was, I hesitantly turned my head to the left and saw the man that tied me up, the one that is totally hot-I mean ugly.
As soon as I saw him I held in the urge to attack him, if I did we most likely won't survive since we are surrounded by trees.

"Well hello beautiful" He said, I'm just going to call him kidnapper 1

"Hello ugly." I lied as he was clearly gorgeous, and before he could say anything I said "And you don't have the right to call me beautiful."

"Really, then who has that right?" He said with a smirk

"My boyfriend" I responded with a smirk of my own.

I could tell that he immediately got ticked off with that statement

"You have a boyfriend?" He said clearly trying to control his anger

"Uh, yeah" I said in a duh tone

"Of course you do" I heard as he mumbled to himself

"I need to pee" I told him as an evil plan stated to form

"Nope, I'm not falling for it." He said with a frown.

"Okay, but it's not my fault of you get a pee stain in this van..."

"Well it's not my van so..." He replied with a heart stopping grin.

"No way man. I can do a lot of things for you, but a freaking pee stain. No way." Said kidnapper 2 knocking me out of my trance.

"Ugh, fine." Said kidnapper 1 giving in, but he gave me a warning glance.

I smiled

As soon as he parked the car I attacked....

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