Unhappy Mates and food fights

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                                          Unhappy Mates and food fights

                                          Miranda's POV

 There I was glaring at the man that poured flour down my head ruining my hair. I was glaring evilly at him when a idea unfolded. I smiled innocently at while walking up to him with a container behind me so he couldn't see it him making him furrow his eyes in confusion before I poured spaghetti sauce all over him and it got all over his shirt.

 He growled in anger while glaring at me

 "Oops, sorry, was that your favorite shirt?" I asked innocently

 "It was my favorite shirt." He growled out venomously

 "Alpha I-" a man came in and was about to say something to my mate but he stopped mid-sentence to look around the surroundings. 'It's not like it's that bad,' I thought as I looked around at the kitchen. There was meatballs hanging from the walls along with some mashed potatoes. Spaghetti sauce was all over the floor, and flour was everywhere, chairs are knocked over and peanut butter was on the seat of a chair, that's when everything started. Stupid peanut butter.


  After the Brianna and Marco thing, I decided that I wanted to read, so I was heading to the library until Rome grabbed my arm preventing me from moving "What!" I snapped at him "Come with me." He said simply before pulling me into the kitchen.

 "Make me food." He said grumpily as he sat in a chair

 "Ha, I can hardly make myself a sandwich and you want me to make you food. In your dreams" I told him before plopping down into the nearest chair

 "Ugh." He groaned loudly while grumbling under his breath as he rose from the chair and started making himself something. That's when an evil plan formed and I got up and grabbed some peanut butter and a spoon. Rome obviously thought I was going to eat it but he had another thing coming. 

 I quickly put peanut butter all over the chair and I sat innocently back down on my seat and waited him to finish. He soon came back over hair and was about to sit down in a different seat. 

 "Sit by me." I told him simply as I pointed at the chair next to me while holding back a smile

 He actually smirked at me before coming over and sat down in the chair covered with peanut butter making me laugh. 

 "What?" he asked as he looked confusingly around

 I had to calm myself from laughing before I could answer "Oh nothing." I told him while holding back a laugh

 His smile completely faded before his eyes dropped down to the seat he was sitting on making me laugh harder. He literally jumped up from his seat like as if it was poison.  

 "Miranda." He roared while I just smiled at him

 "Your lucky it didn't get on my favorite shirt." He said angrily and I just giggled at him

  I turned my attention back to his food as I eyed his food. He made a fish sandwich and honestly it looked good. As I was looking at him I didn't notice his presence until His shadow fell over me making me look behind me and what I saw made my eyes widen.


  I saw Rome holding a bag of flour over my head and before I could protest he poured it all over me making me growl in frustration. That my friends was how it all started

                        (END OF FLASHBACK)

 The man looked confused until he spotted me and Rome covered with food. He held back a laugh and tried to rid of all his emotions but dang, I would laugh too if I were him.

 "What!" Rome snapped at him making the middle aged man flinch back and stand straight while riding himself of emotion. I frowned at his reaction and glared at Rome. Rome's eyes softened 

 "Alpha, I was informed of hunters in the area." Said the man still holding his pose as if he was a soldier

 "Have they come unto our territory?" Rome asked him while looking annoyed

 "No sir." Came the reply

 "Alright dismissed." Said Rome before turning his back at the man

 "Hi, I'm Miranda." I told him while smiling at him

 he returned the smile before answering "Kenny." He told me 

 "It's a pleasure to meet you." I told him

 "No, the pleasure is all mine, Luna." He said before turning away and walking out

 "What is a Luna?" I asked no one in particular

 "It's a Alpha's mate." Said Rome "Don't worry about it." 

 "Okay." I said I wonder how Layla is doing?

                                        Layla's POV

 "Stay away from me!" I yelled at him before throwing another lamp at him

 "Don't you  think you  are over reacting?" Darian asked as he easily caught the lamp

 "NO!" I shouted at him as he set the lamp down

 "You wanted t know everything." He said 

 "I will never mate you!" I yelled at him

 "You may not want to now but you will." He said 

 "No!" I yelled once again before throwing another cd at his head 

 "Layla come on, be reasonable!" Darian shouted at me

 "You wont ever touch me!" I yelled at him again and he just groaned

 "What is going on in here!" Shouted Miranda as she shouted at me and Darian

 "Do you know how your mate completes the mating process?" I asked her

 "No," She responded

 "By getting it on." I said and she looked confusingly at me

 "Getting what?" She asked

 "You know making love." I said and her eyes widened

 "I am not mating EVER!" She yelled

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