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                                Miranda's POV

 I stood there mouth agape before I fainted.....

 "Shes waking up." said a faint voice as I struggled recall what happened, I felt a soothing hand touch my arm sending shock up and down my arm making me immediately calm down.... I struggled to open my eyes and when I did I saw beautiful blue eyes looked back at me and I immediately stared into them, like as if I was lost in space and he looked back at me in the same way but with...love in his eyes?

 "What happened?" I asked

 "Wait you don't remember?" Said the beautiful man I was looking at as he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion and that's when everything came crashing down on me

 I immediately shrunk back in fear as I looked at Kidnapper 1, he had to be one of them

 "Hey, hey it's alright. I won't hurt you." He said as he held up his hands in surrender. He took a step toward me

 "Stay away from me you freak!" I yelled at him and he immediately stopped moving

 "Okay, okay." He said gently

 "No!" I yelled at him again "It's not okay!" I said while bracing myself as far away from him as possible

 "I could never hurt you Miranda." He said gently as he took a step toward me making my eyes widen in fear

 "Stay away!" I shouted "Please." I whispered the last part as fear overwhelmed me and the tears started falling

 "No, no, no. Please don't cry." He said as he ran to me and started brushing the tears away "Please don't cry baby girl. I promise I won't hurt you." He said pleadingly as he tried to sooth me but I just couldn't hold the tears back anymore

 Then I heard the door slowly open and I saw Darian standing there making me jump up and run into his arms. 

 "Darian." I said shakily as I clung to him and he hugged me in a brotherly way but a loud roar interrupted us and I turned to look at Kidnapper 1. What I saw scared me even more, his eyes were pitch black and he was shaking form anger making me bury my face into Darians chest while whimpering from fright

 "Calm down!" a man shouted who I saw was the stranger from earlier "Can't you see that your scaring her?" He said calmer and when Kidnapper one looked at me his eyes softened and changed back to the his regular ocean blue color 

 I looked at the stranger and saw him glaring at Kidnapper 1. As my mind calmed I broke free from Darian  and backed up until I hit the wall

 "Where is Layla?" I asked with venom in my voice as I glared at the three of them making Darian back up a step in fear while the stranger was smirking at me and Kidnapper 1 looked at me with wide eyes, obviously they didn't expect my outburst

 "You will tell me where she is or I will tear you limb from limb." I said evilly yet deadly calm making Darian shift uncomfortably

I realized they weren't going to tell me so I just raised my eyebrow and run out of the room

 "LAYLA!" I shouted at the top of my lungs while running down a hallway 

 "MIRANDA!" I faintly heard someone yell

 "HANG ON, I'M COMING!" I shouted as I rushed to where I heard the voice finally I turned into a hallway that sounded like the source of the voice 

 "LAYLA?" I shouted again

 "MIRANDA!" I heard a girl's voice answer me from a closed door. I ran to the door and unlocked and threw the door open and I saw a tear stained Layla looking up at me.

 "Miranda!" She shouted as she tackled me into a hug I immediately returned the hug and I laughed

 "I found you." I told her as I smiled down at her since I was like a foot taller then her

 "Yeah, you did." She said as she smiled at me, Layla was like a little sister to me, and I could tell I was the closest thing to family for her.

 "I wiped away the tears on her cheeks before pulling her into a sisterly hug

 "I was so scared and I didn't know what they did to you, they took you away from me right after the man turned into a wolf and teared the other wolf apart." She told me while looking up at me with her big green eyes

 "Wait, you saw everything?" I asked her and she nodded "What happened?" I asked

 "Well... right after you passed out the man that turned into a wolf and attacked the other wolf and it was so bloody." She said as she scrunched up her noise in disgust before continuing "After a couple minutes of them fighting and me freaking out, they were joined by about four other wolves and two of them helped kill the gigantic wolf that tried to attack us, the other two turned back into humans revealing Kidnapper 1 and the stranger that we saw come into the room." She paused while as if going into deep thought "Then Kidnapper 1 picked you up bridal style and carried you into the house, I didn't know what to do so I tried to run after you while shouting your name but the stranger grabbed me before I could make it very far and he held me in place. Then one of the other werewolves turned back into a human revealing Kidnapper 2-" She said before I interrupted her "His name is Darian." I told her before motioning her to continue "Right, Darian, he tried to grab me but I dodged him and ran into the house where a man grabbed me, threw me into a room, and the locked the door from the outside. I was in here when I broke down. That was until I heard you shouting and that made me pull myself back together while you found me." She said smiling at the end. "Wait so everyone can turn into a wolf?" I asked and she hesitantly nodded making me go over to the bed and sit down on it while putting my head into my hands

 Layla moved and sat on the bed next to me while gently rubbing my back

 "Do you know where Brianna is?" I asked her and she shook her head making me sigh just then the door opened suddenly and I head peeked though, it was a man that I had never seen before "The Alpha is going to tell you everything." He said with a blank expression making me and Layla look up at him with surprise

 "Really?" I asked, shock evident in my voice

 "Yes" Is all he said as he turned and left the room making me frown in confusion

 "Let's go." Said Layla as she got up off the bed and we both followed the man into a living room where we saw Kidnapper 1, Darian, and the stranger from before. Me and Layla then saw Brianna come in the room also 

 "Bri, bri!" Layla squealed as she was about to run over to Brianna before I grabbed her arm preventing her. She looked back at me with confusion and I just nodded toward Brianna and when she turned and looked at her I could tell she saw the icy cold stare the Brianna was giving Layla and me and I just glared right back and she avoided my gaze making my frown, I turned my attention back to Kidnapper 1 and I crossed my arms and glared at him and I saw Layla do the same

 "Now are you going to tell me what's going on?" I said glaring at him

 "Yes" I all he said and I looked expectantly at him

 "We are..............Werewolves." 

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