Miranda's POV

I didn't wait till we got out of the car to attack. As soon as Kidnapper 1 cut  the duct tape off my hands, the first thing I did was kick him in the face and he let out a yell, I then opened the door of the car and quickly jumped out, I to start running into the woods but I could hear him running after me.

I turned back for a split second and I was surprised to not see him behind me.

"You really shouldn't have done that" Said a creepy voice that definently wasn't from the hot guy that tied me up, nope, that was the voice of the guy that held a knife to my throat.,.Kidnapper Number 3... It sounded like the voice came to my left and when I looked in that direction, I didn't see anyone or anything for that matter

 "Still trying to find me?" Asked Kidnapper 3  with coldness lacing his voice "When I get my hands on you... You will be wishing that I had killed you already"

 By the time he finished talking I was stopped dead in my tracks, his was comming from everywhere. I had to make a decision and fast. Do I continue running straight ahead and try to lose kidnapper 3, but if I do that then that leaves a slim chance that kidnapper 1 could rescue me if kidnapper 3 grabs me. The second option, is to run back to where Kidnapper 1 is...

 As soon as I made my decision I started running as fast as I had ever ran before even though I was shaking with fear. Just after a few minutes of running I crashed into someone. I immediatly started stuggling thinking it was Kidnapper 3.

 "Hey, hey, it's okay I won't hurt you." Said a voice and it was Kidnapper 2! I caustiously looked up at him and he was suprisingly handsome, of course not as handsome as Kidnapper 1 but still.

 I immediatly knew that he wouldn't hurt me and I clung to him in fright after what Kidnapper 3 said to me.

 "It's alright, I will protect you" He said as he hugged me as I was tring to calm myself

 "Darian!" Shouted Kidnapper 1 and as soon as I saw him a feeling came over me and I ran to him and hugged him

 I could feel him relax against me as he embraced me back and as soon as I felt his warm, protecting arms around me I relaxed and felt protected. I gently laid my head against his chest as I finally started to calm down.

 "Alpha" Said Kidnapper 3 with suprise and at the sudden appearence of him I immeditiatly hid behind Kidnapper 1 "I thought you where going to let me get her?" He asked 

Kidnapper 1 looked down at me with curiosity and then anger when he realized why I was afraid 

 "Well I could feel her uneasyness all the way out to the van." He said stepping away from me and Darian came up behind me "Now, are you going to tell me why she was so scared?" He said as anger filled his voice

 "I-I don't know sir," Said Kidnapper 3 with a shaky voice and I could see fear behind his eyes. Man, Kidnapper 1 was so darn sexy when he was angry- What! Did I just seriously think that?!?!?!?! Ugh, my life is so hard trying to hate that sexy Kidnapper

"Don't lie to me!" Kidnapper 1 roared making all of us jump "What did you do?" He said with firmness and then it was as if they zoned out completely, even Darian was zoned out.. At the sudden distraction, my brain started working properly again and I started running back to the van.

 As soon as I reached the van I jumped in and locked the door hoping that that will keep them out

I immediately started looking for the keys but I couldn't find them

A loud banging noise made me jump and squealed in fright, I looked through the window to see Kidnapper 1 smirking at me. He tried opening the door but then realized he couldn't because it was locked and his smirk fell. This time I smirked at him.

"Miranda open this door." He ordered me... well I don't like taking orders so I just waved to him, that seemed to make him mad and he gave me a really poor evil look, I mean geez my grandma could do better than that.

The door on my left opened suddenly and a hand flew over my mouth muffling my scream, I immediately started struggling by flailing my arms wildly but a arm wrapped around my arms holding them firmly in place. Whoever he was he shoved me over to the passenger side and I landed roughly on Kidnapper 1 but I didn't stop struggling I continued to struggle

"ENOUGH!" Said Kidnapper 1 with a cold hard voice making me freeze "We are here" he said in the same cold voice

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