Miranda's POV

 I looked at them with shock and confusion

 "Werewolves?" I asked

 "Yes." Kidnapper 1 said

 "Werewolves?" Layla asked making Kidnapper 1 sigh

 "Yes, we are werewolves." He responded slowly

 "Well that explains the turning into wolves," I said 

 "WAIT!" Layla shouted "DO VAMPIRES EXIST!" 

 "Umm.....Yeah" Said Darian obviously confused as to why she would want to know about vampires

 "OH MY WORD!!!!! That's AWESOME!!!!!" She squealed like a fan-girl while jumping up and down. 

 "Why did you want to know?" Asked Darian

 "Because I love vampires!! Oh, and so does Brianna." Said Layla, a loud growl irrupted making me, Layla, and Brianna jump from surprise. I looked over to where the growl came from and I was startled to see Kidnapper.......3 standing there with his eyes pitch black and his body shaking with anger

 He started walking toward Brianna while Brianna was stepping back. Then just like that he had Brianna cornered, then something that I thought I would never witness again....... Brianna started to cry

                                     Brianna's POV


 He was staring at me with pitch black eyes and his body was shaking from anger making me look up at him in fear, he started walking to me as I was retreating while not daring to take my eyes from his, I didn't know why he was so mad at me all the time, maybe it was because I wasn't beautiful, or maybe it was because I wasn't skinny, or it even could be because I switch emotions. I guess he just didn't want me, it's not like I deserved a handsome man like him anyway I mean jeez, look at me, and then look at him.... we don't look like an ordinary couple to me. 

 I was trapped, he was glaring at me, and when I looked deeply into his eyes, all I could see was hatred and disgust, making me crumple to the ground in defeat. 'I wasn't worth it' was all I was chanting in my head as tears began to fall

 "You leave her alone!" shouted someone knocking me out of my daze "You are a good for nothing rat who cares for no one except yourself!" the person shouted again "You listen to me little boy, you can come after me, but if you go after my friends, I will end you!" I looked up to see Miranda also shaking with anger as she glared at Kidnapper 3 as she was poking him roughly making Kidnapper 3 back up a step while actually bowing to her while backing up more.

 Miranda that bent down to my level and pulled me into a much needed hug, and then Layla came over and it turned into a group hug

                     Miranda's POV

I did it! I stood up to Kidnapper 3 and he .......... bowed at me, I was confused as to why he would bow. I broke away from the hug and looked over to Kidnapper 1, and he was staring at me with, pride? He was proud of me? He also looked at me with.............love...................

 I walked over to him with my arms crossed

 "Now, you are going to answer my every question understand?" I asked him and he smirked but nodded 

 "Okay, first question, what is your name?" I asked him with a raise of an eyebrow

 "My name is, Rome." He stated

 "Rome? That's a weird name." I said with confusion but at the same time I loved the way it rolled of my tongue making me smile slightly before I could hide it

 "My Mom gave birth to me when she was in Rome so she named me Rome." He said uninterested

 "Okay next question, what is that idiot's name?" I asked pointing to Kidnapper 3 

 "His name is Marco." Answered Rome

 "Marco, okay." I said 

 "Hey, aren't you going to ask my name?" Asked Darian

 "I already know that your name is Darian." I said with a duh tone

 "So, it's still not fair."  He said sounding like a five-year old and he crossed his arms while looking at me with a pout

 "Ugh, fine." I said "What is your name." I said in a sickly sweet tone 

 "My name is Darian." Darian said as he winked at me making me roll my eyes

 "Alright third question, what in the name of poo is werewolves?" I asked

 "Werewolves are half human and half werewolf." Answered Rome "They can shift into their wolf form, they are extremely sensitive to silver, and they have mates." 

 "What are mates?" Asked Layla

 "Mates are like our other half, we never feel truly complete until we find them." Said Darian as he looked lovingly at Layla and Layla shifted uncomfortably 

 "Wait, who is your mate?" I asked Rome

 "You." He answered

 "WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!"  I shouted 

 "Yeah, your my mate." Said Rome slowly

 "But, I have a boyfriend." I said and that's when a thunderous roar erupted

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