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       Kidnapper 1 POV

 I watched as my beautiful mate started walking down the road with her friends. I already feel the pull of the bond between us.
I quickly mind linked my Beta and Gamma and I told them to be ready. I watched as my beautiful mate was walking closer and closer to where I was hiding, I was hiding in a bush, right next to a tree, close to the road.   
Miranda, what a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. She looked absolutely miserable and her friend whatever her name was, is complaining and has been complaining for their whole walk.

 "When will we get there?" Her friend asked in a whiny voice.

 "Ugh, we will get there when we get there so shut up." Miranda said giving her friend a death stare and her friend just sighed. It irritated me, that this girl would keep bugging my mate.

 'Okay here they come, get ready.' I mind linked my Beta, as I focused in on the task at hand.

 'Yes, Alpha.' Is what he responded with and then I watched to see my plan come into action. 

"You girls really shouldn't be out here all by yourself." My Beta said. This isn't the plan.

 "Show yourself!" Miranda commanded, already she is proving to be a great Luna.

"You little girl don't tell me what to do." My Beta said and I had to hold back my wolf from tearing my beta's head off for speaking to my mate, his Luna like that.

 'Watch your mouth' I told him angrily through the mind link

 'Yes Alpha, sorry.' was his reply

 "Pl-Please d-don't hu-hurt us." Said the girl and she looked terrified

"Hmm, we'll see." Said my Beta tactically, as I waited for him to get back on track with the plan.

 "Oh my gosh, just show yourself already!" Said the other girl whose name I know as Layla and then my Beta came out from behind my mate and pulled her into his chest and held a knife to her throat. Making me lunge forward slightly before I caught myself. Luckily no one noticed me.

 It took everything in me to not give away my position 'You better not harm my mate, Beta!' I said through the mind link with anger and I could tell that he was scared 'Sorry Alpha' Is all he said

 "Scream and I'll cut her throat." He said threateningly. 

 "Alright now both of you turn around." He said and one of the girls turned around quickly but I was surprised that Layla did not and that made my Beta mad as a hornet to be disobeyed.

 "Turn around NOW!" He yelled and he tightened his hold on Miranda making Miranda grimace in pain and I was FURIOUS so I stared making my way toward my Beta as I saw red and I ignored everything else when I was close enough I grabbed Miranda and slammed her into my chest she started squirming but I just held her tighter. 'Don't EVER harm your Luna again!' I was yelling at my Beta through the mind link and he responded 'I am so sorry Alpha' and he turned and started to tie the other girl but I was pinched really really hard and I had to hold in a scream. I looked down at her and she gave me an evil smirk and I could tell I was slightly getting angry and she took off running.

 Man, she was a fast runner but thanks to my werewolf speed I caught up to her in no time and I grabbed her and tied her hands, not too tight, and then I put a blind fold over her eyes. I was proud that I had such an amazing mate and I picked her up bridal style so she wouldn't ave too walk the long distance back.

To my surprise she started struggling but I just ignored her and she was getting very annoying so I dropped her down onto her feet and pushed her a little too hard into the car and she landed onto my Gamma's lap and I growled at him and he put up his hands in a surrender motion.  I grabbed Miranda and pulled her into my chest and I could feel my wolf calm down a bit. I climbed in the car with Miranda and sat down with her on my lap.

    Hey people sorry for not updating my book for a while but here you go a knew chapter I hope you all enjoyed

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