Pain... everywhere... my hands, my arms, my legs, my back, my head.... everywhere...

It's been what? Days? Weeks? My mind is like a blur, I can't concentrate. How long have I been here?

Why hasn't Marco found me?

Will he find me?

It feels as though my body is on fire, my limbs aching from the pain. When they are not hitting me they inject me with some sort of fluid. It makes me feel as though I'm on fire.

Save me...

Miranda's Pov

"Okay, we've searched almost everywhere. That at least narrows the area that she would be at." Rome says, sounding so sure and confident.

"That's assuming that they haven't moved her out of the country." One of the pack warriors says

Anger fills me. Why?! Why Brianna? She doesn't deserve this. She just found her happily ever after, she doesn't deserve to be kidnapped.

Gosh, what are they doing to her? Hurting her? Or worse? A shudder ran down my spine at the thought.

"I don't think they would." Rome States calmly "Even if they have, we need to clear out the area closest to us just to be sure"

The door to the office opened to reveal, Layla!

Her eyes had bags and tear stains  under them. She looked like she hadn't slept or eaten in days.

My heart plumeted. It seems as though Rome thought the same assumption since he beat me to the question

"Darian?" He asked, with fear evident on his otherwise handsome face

"He's alive." She hoarsely said relief swept me like a flood and I could tell Rome was releaved aswell.

"Just barely though, the doctor's had been working non-stop to try and stabilize him. They've finally convinced me to get something to eat." Layla said sorrowly

I quickly walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her. She surprisingly didn't cry, but instead returned the embrace and pressed her face into my shoulder

Finally we pulled apart, I walked back over to Rome and stood at his side.

"So, what's going on?" She asked indicating to all the people surrounding the map that had our search plans on it

"No one told you?" I asked dumbfounded

"Told me what?"

Just before I could tell her, two packmates rushed in, almost knocking Layla over. After a quick apology, they looked to Rome and proudly announced

"We found her."

Brianna's Pov

"Oh Briannaaaa" Someone called in a singsong voice. My head pounding, trying to focus and make out who it was that called out to me

My heart plumeted when it registered who it was...Ryan

No. I don't want another beating. Please... No more.

"Please" I rasped

"What was that?" Ryan asked evilly as he yanked my head back by my hair making my flame in agony "Brianna, I can't hear you." Leaning towards my face, I could see his psychotic eyes.

Fear erupted, leaving me speachless

"Oh Brianna, just tell me where your friends are and I'll let you go. Simple as that" He said happily. His mood changes are scary

I didn't reply, knowing if I did, I'd tell him. How long could I keep this up? How long until I break?

Who am I kidding... I'm already broken

A loud crash from up stairs startled both Ryan and I making us jump. He released my hair

"Should I go check that out?" Ryan seemingly asked me. He was scared. For what reason?

This did not concern me much however. I'm in too much pain to care, I just let my head drop. Looking at the blood stained floorboards, well to the best of my abilities that is, my eyes are too blurry from unshed tears to see much.

I heard the stairs creak as Ryan made his way up very slowly. I looked up at him the blurriness subsiding. I could see him... reaching out to the doorknob. As he was about to turn it, the door flew open, smacking Ryan and knocking him down the stairs.

He cried out in pain as he reached the bottom. He didn't stop though. The momentum kept him coming until he actually crashed into the chair I was tied to.

Falling backwards, my stomach did a flop. Dread filling me. Crashing hard to the cement flooring, my head whacked against it. Causing even more pain to erupt, rendering me barely conscious. Just before I succumbed into darkness a face appeared above me.


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