Maranda's POV

 We didn't have time to respond as the man quickly escorted us out of Layla's bedroom and into the hallway. I could already hear shouting, howling, bones cracking, and whimpers. 

 "Please ladies, follow me and by all means stay quiet." Said the man cautiously and quietly but yet with confidence as he led us down winding hallways.

 "What's going on?" Whispered Layla

 "The neighboring pack has finally declared war after years of heated debate." Said the man quietly

 "Will Rome be okay?" I asked him without hesitation

 "The Alpha? Of course. He would never let anyone harm you and that's what drives him."

 "Ah here we are." He said as we came to a gigantic door.

 "What is this door made out of?" Layla asked as she touched it with her fingers.

 "Silver. The one thing that's completely painful and deadly to Werewolves." He replied

 Pushing on the wall with his index finger, a key pad with numbers came out of the wall without a sound, surprising me and Layla. My eyes widened and Layla gasped with surprise.

 Pushing a certain password in the door began to slide open and the key pad went back into the wall making seem as though that it wasn't even there.

 We stepped inside and mothers and children were huddled around each other, talking in hushed voices but most woman sounded firm and hopeful. All eyes turned to us when they noticed we were here. 

 "Alright ladies, I must go and join the fight. Stay here and stay safe." Said the man before slightly bowing and turning to walk out the door.

 Before the door shut tight behind him I called out to him "Wait! What's your name?" 

 "Jeffery Blight." He replied and smiled at us before the door closed

 "So what now?" Asked Layla as I turned to face her

 "Well might as well get to know the pack." I stated

 Rome's Pov (Slightly gory be warned) 

 I ripped the throat out of the wolf I was taking on making blood spurt out of his wound, ending him almost instantly. Turning I noticed the bodies of the dead and wounded of both mine and the rival Alpha's pack mates started to pile up. Searching for my Beta Marco, I noticed he was taking on four wolves himself but seamed to be handling it himself and as he is one of the best fighters I didn't worry to much. Hearing the whimpering of  one of my own packmates I turned and saw a young male taking a beating from three larger and more powerful rival wolves. 
 I broke into a run and leaped over bodies and limbs. I tackled all three of the wolves and stood back to back or rather butt to butt with my packmate. Taking on two of the three males I dodged and attacked with well placed and well timed movements. Severely injuring one I was surprised to notice the other one I was fighting tackle my packmate from behind.
 Quickly moving towards him I halted when the male grabbed my pack mate's neck with his mouth. I knew that in one quick bite down my packmate will be dead. I studied the eyes of the male and noticing desperation in them I let him into my mind link. 

 "If you let me live, I will let him go." Said the male in a shaky but yet strong voice

 "But you will be required to shift into your human form and remain like that until we can sort this out. Understood?" I replied 

 "Yes." He stated

I nodded toward him and let go of my packmate and hesitatingly shifted into his human form. I told my packmate to take him to the prison.

 "Rome, I have located the Alpha." Said Marco as his voice came through the mind link

 "Where?" I asked 

 "On the East tower." He replied  (A.N. Not an actual tower it's actually a steep hill btw)

I started racing towards the east tower dodging fighting wolves and bodies. After finally reaching the east tower I looked up and saw the Alpha of the Bridgewood Pack looking into the chaos. The coward didn't even join in the fight and I despise him for it. 
 Finally noticing me he let out a howl of pre victory and charged toward me with burning hatred and greed in his eyes. I stood my ground not running at him nor away, but I stood calmly and collectively as I waited for him to advance on me. When he was an arms reach away I attacked. I confused him by jumping over him, but with him going at to fast of a speed he couldn't stop or turn in time.
 Leaping onto his back I sunk my teeth deep into the skin of the back of his neck and only satisfied when I tasted blood. He howled in pain and bucked me off of him. Landing on my paws we were face to face. Now both of us bleeding and him withering in pain. I could tell he wasn't used to being in pain. 
 I glared at him and we attacked this time colliding. I managed to maneuver myself so that my jaws had a clear path to his neck. Lunging at it I ignored the pain that irrupted from my shoulder and snagged his neck in between my jaws, chomping down on it he struggled but after a few moments his body became limp and motionless. Wolves howled with the pain of the loss of their Alpha while others howled in victory. Luckily I heard lots of howls of victory and I prayed that I didn't lose many.

 Ah, finally. A long awaited chapter finally complete. Sorry for the lack of updates but I had no inspiration. I decided to go ahead and make a new chapter. I'm not used to making fight scenes so I'm not sure how this one turned out. I hope you all enjoy, and have a great week.

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