Chapter 12-Romania

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Kieran POV
FINALLY! I have her! She will be mine forever and I shall cherish her for the rest of my immortal life. I am running with her in my arms to the private jet that was waiting for me. "Sir, do we take off now?" My pilot asks me as I lay my beautiful bride on the small bed. "Yes, we'll stop in Greece to refuel." The pilot nodded in agreement and walked to the cockpit. I stayed to hold my bride close to me. I held her head and caressed her flaming red hair. Her plump red lips were begging to be kissed and her neck was waiting to be claimed. She began to moan softly and open her eyes. "Hello, Maria," I whispered. She gasped and fell off the bed. She then started to back away from me as I got up and walked towards her. "K-K-Kieran, why am I here? W-W-What have you done to me?" Tears were falling down in her hands and she curled up along the wall. "Don't be afraid. I would never hurt you." I bent down to pick her up and she continues to beg for her life. "Please! I'll do anything you say! Please spare me." Her tears are still falling to the ground. I bend down and wipe her tears. "Please let me go." Her strap fell off her shoulder to reveal her beautiful skin. I look at her with lust on my mind. "Take your clothes off, my love." Her eyes widened. "No! Please, don't!" I pin her to the floor and try to rip her dress off. "No! Please!!" She begged. I stop to see her body gasping for air. I want her now. I desire her for myself and I NEED to have her. I stop myself and say, "Forgive me, my princess. I overstepped my boundaries. Just sleep." I snap my fingers and she sleeps immediately. I pick her up and hold her until we get to Greece. 

Maria POV

I wake up in a soft and plushy bed with gothic frames that surrounding my room. A fireplace was roaring and a cup of tea was beside me, still hot. I felt so tired and weak that I fell again in the bed and suddenly, I shot up as I realized I was not in my own room. "Hello?! Kieran?!" I screamed. No answer. I jump out of bed and try to open the door to no avail as it was locked from the other side of the door. "NO! Kieran, let me out!" I begged. No answer. I slumped onto the floor and held my head in my hands. I hear the door unlocking and I back away from the door. Kieran walked in wearing a black suit with his cape. He carried a tray of food for me. "You must eat. You need your strength." He placed the food in front of me on a table and it smelled heavenly. The food consisted of chicken fried steak covered in brown gravy with garlic mashed potatoes, macaroni with cheese and a small caesar salad. There was also some pink lemonade in a glass with ice. "Go on, eat." He said in a commanding voice. Kieran picked me up off the floor. I sat at the table and brought the tray and silverware close to me and I started to eat. I chewed on the food carefully, scared it was poisoned but it was so delicious. Kieran looked at me and said, "I would never kill you." I wiped my mouth with a napkin and asked, "Where am I? Why am I here, Kieran? Please, tell me." Kieran looked at me and said, "You are here because I love you. I desire you as mine and I plan to make you mine. I love you so much that I did this for you." Kieran wiped his finger on my plate, scooping some brown gravy and tasting it. "Hmm... This is delicious. I'm going to have the cook make me some as well." Kieran walked away with his shoes heavily thudding along the hardwood floor. "Where am I?" Kieran stopped, turned to me and said, "You are in my parent's castle in Romania." He winked at me and closed the door; locking it behind him as he left me alone with a plate of food and a roaring fire. 

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