Chapter 23-Come Find Me

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Kieran POV

We came back to Romania immediately. I placed Maria down and she started to swing the sword at trees. "What are you doing, love?" I ask. "Practicing for when we fight Stefan." I make a serious face and say, "Stefan has become what I am. Maybe even powerful. I can be the only one to fight him." She sighed and said, "They're my grandparents and I need to save them." I look at her innocent eyes and say, "You're holding the sword wrong anyway." She fixed her grip and swung the sword at the tree, immediately chopping one of the branches. "Hate will help, but not all the time," I mutter. We then hear a branch snapping. "Who's there?" I yell. I place myself in front of Maria. We then see five people walking towards us. As they got closer, they then bowed in front of us. Maria was awestruck. One of the men stood in front of us and said, "Sir, my name is Ezekiel. We have traveled far from here to stand in your presence." I'm too shocked to speak. "Presence?" Then a woman stood next to Ezekiel and said, "Miss, you are lucky to have a husband as strong as him. I know your child will appreciate it too." Maria gasped. "Why are you here?" She asked. Both the woman and man say, "We're here to help you fight for you. To defeat your brother. He has tormented us since the day you left for America. He has raped our women and killed our men. Husbands, fathers, and sons. We are all that is left. We escaped and fled to another forest. When news of your marriage and return graced us, we knew that you returned to help us kill him." Maria stepped forward and said, "He kidnapped my grandparents. I need to get them back. Please, help us." The woman stepped forward. grabbed Maria's hand gently, and said, "We'll help you. After all, my darling girl, they are my parents as well." Maria's body trembled. She slapped the woman's hand and asked, "Who the hell are you?" Ezekiel and the woman joined hands and said, "We're your parents, Maria." Maria was overcome with anger and mixed joy. She passed out in my arms.

Maria POV 

MY PARENTS ARE ALIVE? HOW?? Questions were racing through my head. My blackout only lasted five minutes because Kieran was yelling for me to wake up. I then flutter my eyes open and see my parents standing next to me. Both were smiling and relieved that I woke up. I immediately got up and said, "How in the fuck are you alive?! You abandoned me!" The woman claiming to be my mother says, "Maria, we had to. We loved you very much and we didn't want to lose you so we left you with my parents. Your father and I were explorers and we were also interested in myths and folklore. We left you here and came to Romania to look for vampires. We found one and killed him. Unfortunately, we may have killed his body, but not his spirit. That vampires spirit roamed for years until he found a suitable host." Kieran mutters out, "Stefan." Dad shook his head in response. Dad continued his story. "After you left for America, Stefan was possessed by this spirit. He raped women, killed men, and burned down homes. He didn't become a full vampire until he asked the spirit. Both of you must fight them and destroy him. Imprisonment will not be enough for him. We'll help you along the way." I look at Kieran and say, "We appreciate the help, but you left me for a reason. I found you and I will not lose you again." My mother and father walk to me and hug me tightly. My mother says to me, "We'll help you out. These three here are our best fighters. This is Andrew, Jane, and Ben. They are skilled fighters to and are willing to follow you into battle." Kieran steps up and says, "We need a plan first. Stefan will not know what's coming to him."

Stefan POV

I gave Kieran and Maria a whole day to come to the Forest. I can feel them near. I gaze at Maria's grandparents, who are tied to the tree and are unconscious. It would be a shame that they would die within the next hour. Finally, I hear branches crunching. Maria and Kieran walk out from the darkness, holding hands. This makes my stomach churn in disgust. "Well, finally! Took you long enough!" Maria looked at me and said, "I'm here. Come claim me." I smirk as I imagine how she would look underneath me. As I make my way to her, I'm ambushed by Kieran and then, the fighting starts. I yell, "NOW!!" Maria's face was scared as she saw more people coming out from the trees. Now, things were going to get interesting.  

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