Chapter 6-A Trip To The Past

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Maria POV

I awoke to the smell of blueberry waffles and warm syrup. I rush downstairs to see my grandfather reading his I-Pad and my grandmother making her and I some iced mocha coffee. "Good morning, Maria." Both said in unison. I smiled and replied, "Good morning." Nothing was said as we were eating until Grandfather Ronald said, "So, you came in late last night." I stopped sipping my ice coffee and said, "The trip was long and there was some traffic from the College Night Football game." My grandmother smirked and said, "Sweetheart, I know that you went, but your grandfather and I would like to visit that nice little place you went to." My heart dropped. Why now? "Well, it's far. Do you mind the ride, grandma?" She smiled at me and said, "Ronald and I don't mind." I sighed and held my head, thinking of how I was going to confront Kieran if I saw him. Grandpa Ronald looks at me and says, "You can call your friend, Daisy if you want. So that you won't be alone." I go ahead and call Daisy, who answers very groggily. "Homicide Division" I shake my head and say, "Daisy, are you busy today?" "No. What do you have in mind?" I sigh and reluctantly say, "I'm going to go to the Renaissance festival with my grandparents and I was wondering if you wanted to go again." I heard next was squealing and a weird screeching noise. "OF COURSE!!! I'LL BRING THE CAMERA SO YOU CAN SEE KIERAN AGAIN!!" Then she hung up. I turn over to my grandparents and said, "She'll be here soon." My grandmother raised her eyebrow and said, "Who's Kieran?" I immediately turned red and stuttered out, "Umm... He's a performer at the fair and he and I danced last night. It was only a dance." I walked away and I heard my grandmother giggling with my grandfather.  

An Hour Later

Daisy arrives with her costume. "Hi! I can't wait to see this! He'll ask you to marry him, I guarantee it!!" I kick her on her foot and stare at her. "Maria, didn't you bring a costume? Go and try it on, sweetie." I glared at Daisy, who simply giggled and waved at me. I tried on the black dress that was given to me. Having a minor in Music, I remember having to wear different costumes for different events. I was able to find a black veil and some black fingerless gloves. I put on my red lipstick and place my hair up, with the help of clips and teasing my hair. I walk down the stairs, only to be ambushed my flashes of light from phones. "Hey! Damn it, Daisy!" Everyone is laughing and my grandmother is clapping. I curtsey and say, "Can we please go? It's a long drive." We then proceed to the car and begin driving. While Daisy and I talk about Kieran, my grandparents are singing Frank Sinatra songs. I began dozing off as Daisy was also joining in on the singing. Finally, after several minutes, "Wake up, Maria. We're here." I got out of the car and closed my door. Grandpa Ronald paid for the tickets and we entered in the fair. I was greeted by the same woman who handed me the dress last night. "Oh hello! How are you today?" I smiled and quietly asked her, "Will Kieran Morningstar be here?" She chuckled and replied with, "Yes, at precisely seven o' clock." I thanked her and walked with my grandparents and Daisy. I continued to walk with them and looked around for Kieran. I wanted to avoid him but secretly, I wanted to see him and talk with him again. I wandered for a while and decided to sit down. My grandparents and Daisy walked towards the stands. As I relaxed, I see him. He is staring at me and licking his lips. I, yet again, was drawn to him and wanted to be close. 

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