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Loving You Until The End by Maxi-1998
Loving You Until The Endby Maxi J.
Adultery is a sin, says the bible. You should be faithful to your spouse. However, sometimes you cannot help but lust for other people around you. Cheating on your wife...
  • lust
  • boyer
  • bryan
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The Grumpiest Man Alive by mganallirt
The Grumpiest Man Aliveby mganallirt
[This story is currently being re-written. I'll try to update this books as fast as I can] Blake wakes up with a throbbing pain in his head and is chained to the four-co...
  • fragile
  • drunk
  • friends
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A Companion for Life.  by KittyKatty611
A Companion for Life. by KittyKatty611
Smack dab in the middle of the busy and expensive city, there lives a humble family of six. The eldest daughter, Alara Parker, has to juggle clumsily between school, wor...
  • girl
  • vampire
  • happy
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Grojband: A Shocking Yet Tempting Surprise by Freelance360
Grojband: A Shocking Yet Keem Scott
Corey who is now 17 and also no longer dense about his surrounding goes visits his best friend Laney to talk with her about something very important but instead of going...
  • highschooldrama
  • lustful
  • lusting
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Hateful Passion {Hollyoaks} by _X_Sammii_X_
Hateful Passion {Hollyoaks}by 💋Tinkerbell💋
Megan O'Connor is Sinead's sister. She's been living in London with friends until she gets a phone call from her sister Mia. Sami cheated on her with Sinead. Megan make...
  • village
  • oconnor
  • hollyoaks
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J͙͙u͙͙v͙͙e͙͙n͙͙e͙͙s͙͙c͙͙e͙͙n͙͙t͙͙ by MsCraytivity
J͙͙u͙͙v͙͙e͙͙n͙͙e͙͙s͙͙c͙͙e͙͙n͙͙t͙͙by •Jadah•
How can I explain the love I felt for you. Wow I put it on my dreams you were MY DREAM COME TRUE. Is it wrong that our Love is far we can express it. My Love is so stro...
  • lusting
  • hippy
  • poetic
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poetry-Lusting for him ♥ by Katelynrose13x
poetry-Lusting for him ♥by Katelynrose13x
These are a bunch of my more mature and lustful poems that were all written for my boyfriend or some were from dreams. Sexual content and references.
  • lusting
  • firsttime
  • intimacy
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be still my beating heart by lustkills
be still my beating heartby lustkills
A 21 year old, almost widower who finds herself craving affection a years time after her partners death. Wishing love wasn't so hard but learning lust is so easy.
  • lusting
  • intensity
  • adult
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Lusting For Her Touch (A Spoby Fanfiction) by KatrinaGirly
Lusting For Her Touch (A Spoby Marista Baker
 The feelings for Spencer Hastings increases everyday that I know her. My heart breaks every single minute she looks at him with the lust in her eyes. My heart beats a m...
  • andrew
  • spandrew
  • friendship
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Things you made me feel. . . by m00nchild2
Things you made me feel. . .by Kari
A fictional poetry book.
  • sexualthemes
  • love
  • sexstories
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Master Key by erotic_storytime
Master Keyby Erotic Storytime
If you've got the keys... You can have my pussy.
  • erotic
  • adult
  • poetry
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Life How It Is by Pouivuy
Life How It Isby Fuck_You_Cupid
It doesn't really matter how you see it. What matters is when you finally discover that life will take it's course with it without you. You have to choose whether or not...
  • food
  • lusting
  • unnormal
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Friend Of Mine by Londooogirl_
Friend Of Mineby London ❤️
Summer White and Mackenzie Jones friendship began at the innocent age of twelve. They're opposites, doesn't have a single thing in common....well one and to be specific...
  • newlyweds
  • friendship
  • betrayal
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Fix My Broken Heart {Waterloo Road} by _X_Sammii_X_
Fix My Broken Heart {Waterloo Road}by 💋Tinkerbell💋
Sierra Morgan thought she had it all. She was a trainee teacher and had a hot boyfriend. Tom Clarkson. But it was too good to last. She found him cheating on her. Sierr...
  • seduction
  • together
  • cheating
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Hooked On The Bad Boy {Hollyoaks} by _X_Sammii_X_
Hooked On The Bad Boy {Hollyoaks}by 💋Tinkerbell💋
Sandy Roscoe adopted Kenzie when she was two years old. Kenzie was abused by her real parents. She's grown up knowing she's a Roscoe and has older siblings that would do...
  • mature
  • drama
  • happiness
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Think . by greatmadness
Think .by Aspen
A young girl Rylee leaves her mom to go help a family friend little does she know there I a twist and change in this adventure. She will discover things no one else wou...
  • thriller
  • lusting
  • drama
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Temptations by Jellohello95
Temptationsby Jellohello
  • carol
  • temptations
  • drugs
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Time heals all? by JeanJacquesR
Time heals all?by Jean-Jacques
After not being able to cope with his depression, he decides that enough is enough and he commits suicide. Does he succeed? And why did he do it? What happens after?
  • sexualcontent
  • lustful
  • trauma
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The Rules of Lusting by mrrpup
The Rules of Lustingby Melissa
  • jordan
  • ch1
  • ch2
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