Chapter 18-The Deal

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Stefan POV
Kieran kicked me out of his stupid castle that should belong to me! I was there while he was carousing with his carnival hussies. I walk towards the woods, where I stayed there until dusk. I felt so tired from all the walking that I rested by a large oak tree. I kept thinking about Kieran and his new wife, Maria. He doesn't deserve her and she needs to have a real man instead of him. I am lost in my thoughts when I hear a branch snapping. I stand up and yell out, "Who's there?!" An elderly man with a walking stick walks up to me and says, "Relax, son. I'm only a panhandler and I am seeking shelter from the upcoming weather." I scoff and say, "I have nothing to offer you." The man smiled with his one tooth and said, "Son, you have so much to offer, especially to me." Bewildered, I look up at him and he is gone. I search beyond the tree I was standing against and see someone else. It is a darkly shadowed reaper with a black horse, whose eyes were red as blood. The face of the figure was hard to see since he was cloaked in all black. "Who are you?" I asked. The figure simply said, "Hate and Jealously." I looked further into his eyes and saw nothing. Just pure darkness and coldness. "You want what he has, don't you?" The Shadow asked. I gazed at him and said, "Yes I do. He has gotten everything he has ever wanted and I was given scraps." The Shadow chuckled and said, "I can grant you your every desire including the girl." My eyes widened. Maria? "You mean-?" "Yes, my son. Maria will be yours. You desire her because she is innocent. A beautiful virgin, waiting to be claimed." I sighed and said, "She's a married woman now. He'll claim her tonight before I have the chance." Again, he chuckled and said, "He's taking her back to her home to see her family you have plenty of time." I smiled and said, "I want to be powerful. Grant me the strength that Kieran has." The Shadow nods and hands me a small potion. I look at it with marvel and ask, "What Will happen?" The Shadow looks at me and says, "It will turn you into an even more powerful vampire then your brother, Kieran." I grab the Shadow's hand and say, "I will forever serve thee, my Master. I will be at your service till the end of my time." The Shadow simply shook his head and urged his horse to run. As they were running, the Shadow began to disappear into thin air. The sun had set. I drank the potion and nothing happened. I felt my skin tingling, my senses widening, and my fangs bearing out. I have done it! I am now a vampire! The best is only yet to come! I can smell the blood of an animal near. I hunger for blood. I thirst for blood. I must feed now.  As I begin hunting, I can imagine myself feasting on Maria and her precious blood, while she begs me to fuck her. I long to ravage her virgin body. She will be mine, soon.

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