Chapter 24-Stronger Together

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Kieran POV

People were emerging from the trees. Maria looked scared as they were slowly approaching us. Then, Maria screamed, "NOW!" Her parents, Jane, Andrew, and Ben came running at fast speed carrying swords and sharp weapons. Ben started to shoot with his bow and arrow, Jane slashed two people in half with one quick blow, and Andrew threw a sharp staff through someone's body. Maria unsheathed her emerald sword and charged at Stefan, while he broke his cane and converted it into a double-edged sword. Stefan jumped into the air and landed in front of me and Maria. Stefan produced another sword and began to fight both of us. Maria has excellent balance with handling the weapon. Stefan lunges at me and Maria blocks his attack. With one swift kick, Maria knocks Stefan's sword from his left hand. Both Maria and I start attacking Stefan. He then uses his legs to try to trip us onto the floor but Maria and I are too fast for him. Stefan tries to slash Maria with his sword but Maria kicks him in the face, causing him to bleed from his mouth. "You bitch!" I rush and kick Stefan in the legs and slash his face with the sword I have. His face is bloody. As we look around us, all of Stefan's henchmen were dead. He was the only survivor for now. Stefan was kneeling on the floor. He was injured and wounded. Blood was spurting from his wounds and his mouth. Stefan wiped his mouth on his sleeve. He was still smiling as if he had won. Stefan then snapped his fingers and two people were dropped onto the floor. It was her grandparents. Maria then ran to them. They were both in a state of shock. Stefan immediately rises from the floor and runs towards Maria. I throw the sword that Madame Shelley gave her. Maria catches it and with one swift move, she swings it upward and cuts off Stefan's head. The blood spattered on her shirt and face as Stefan's head rolled. Suddenly, the ground started to shake. Everyone huddled together and I got in front of Maria. The ground shook harder and cracked. A white light was glowing from the floor. A glowing figure flew from the ground, into the air. I stare hard at the figure until soft words escaped my mouth. "Mother." The figure smiled and said, "My precious child. Your brother is defeated at last. Now, the world is at peace. For this, I am allowed to grant you one wish." I look towards everyone else and say, "Make me human again. I want to live a long and normal life with my new bride. I want to grow old with her. The right way." Mother looked at Maria and says, "She's beautiful. You may have your wish." With her words spoken, I feel the fangs leave my mouth, my body was becoming normal. My eyes weren't dark. Soon after, my mother was gone. "Kieran, is that you?" Maria asked. I look at her and nod. She runs towards me and I pick her up in my arms. She and I passionately kiss. Our ordeal with Stefan was over.

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