Chapter 8-The Wish

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There will be Romanian in this chapter and I will put the translation next to it :) 

Kieran POV

I watched woefully as Maria left in her car. I sigh heavily and leaned upon the gypsy caravan. Tears were threatening to fall from my face. I didn't want to see her go. "Oh, Maria. I want you for me and only me. Come back to me." Then a deep and mystical voice chirped from behind me. "Bună ziua Kieran" (Hello Kieran). I jumped and saw Madame Shelley. She was a Romanian gypsy who traveled with the fair and read fortunes. "Hi, Madame." "You seem trist (Sad). What's wrong?" I looked at the floor and said, "I'm in love with a girl and I don't know if I can win her." Madame Shelley walks up to me and holds my arm. "Maria is a special girl and is your chosen bride. Come with me." We walk into her caravan and she sits me down at a round table with a crystal ball and tarot cards. "You had an interesting life. You and your family are wealthy. Mother is Romanian and Father is British. You have wealth at your feet but yet, you travel and sing with the fair. You seek love from here. You want a girl who is fiery and passionate. You look for the qualities your mother has. You also want to be a vampir (Vampire) to seem interesting to your future bride-to-be." I look down at the ball and said, "Da, dar sunt înspăimântat. O vreau, dar respinge ca o ciumă." (I do, but I'm scared. She rejects me like a plague.) Madame Shelley smiles and says, "Gaze into the ball, Kieran." I look closely and see Maria sitting in the backseat of her Jeep as she and her family are arriving close to their home. "Maria," I whispered. "She is thinking of you, Kieran. Listen to her." I close my eyes and instantly, I am near Maria. She and neither can her family see me as I listen to her thoughts. "Kieran, you're so strong and handsome. How I desire you, but I am afraid to take that next step. I wish I could see you again. Goodnight, my sweet Prince. Find me in my dreams and take me away." I hear fingers snapping and I'm back with Madame Shelley, sitting at her table. "Ea te vrea pe tine" (She does want you). I sigh contently and say, "I want her. I long for her. I'm lusting after her." Madame Shelley looks at me and sighs. "I can make your wish come true. It'll come at a price." My heart sank when I heard this. "I'll pay whatever you wish for." Madame Shelley shakes her head and says, "Nu vreau bani" (I don't want money). I feel suspicious about this. "I want for you to understand that if I do this, things can never change." I tremble at her words. "I understand. I'm ready." Madame Shelley brings out a small cauldron and pours several liquids and a crow's feather. She then muttered a small spell. "Lumina soarelui, Lumina Lunii, ajutați-l pe Kieran să aibă Maria curând!" (Light of Sun, Light of Moon, help Kieran have Maria soon!) A flash of light and smoke came from the cauldron as Madame Shelley said the final words of the incantation. "Permiteți-mi vraja să transpire, pe măsură ce Kieran devine vampir!" (Let my spell transpire as Kieran becomes a vampire!) The brewing cauldron came to a stop. Madame Shelley asked for my fangs. I took them from the case and handed to her. She proceeded to throw them into the cauldron. The color of the liquid became blood red. Madame Shelley poured the liquid into a goblet and looked upwards at me. "Go outside and stare into the moon. Drink this and wait." I grabbed the goblet and thanked Madame Shelley. I head outside and look at the moon. It glows very beautifully as I stare at it and the goblet. I feel scared as dawdle my time with the potion. I continuously stare at the moon and I then drink the potion. Nothing is happening as of now. Then, I feel my bones stretching. My body is shaking and my blood is rushing through my veins. My skin is becoming cold and my eyes are becoming red. Finally, everything stops. I go to Madame Shelley and she is there, at her caravan; smiling at me. "Are you pleased? You will have new abilities that no one has ever dreamed of. Remember this though: You can go out in the sun if you wear this." She handed me a ruby encrusted ring with the words engraved inside the ring, "În Soare, mă duc" (Into the Sun, I go) in Romanian. I place the ring on my right hand ring finger. Instantly, I am able to see myself in the mirror. "Now, you can live your life. Be free. Chase her. Find her now and claim her for yourself." I nodded and said, "I will. I'll take her back to Romania. She and I will be happy and then, I can make her mine!" Madame Shelley began to shake. "Kieran, I see something horrible if you take her to Romania. You'll awaken something evil and it'll be too late." I look at her and said, "With my powers, no one will cross me. You'll see." Madame Shelley goes back inside her caravan and closes the door. I then start to smell the air and pick up Maria's scent. I growl in anticipation and with my super speed, I run towards her through the dark woods.

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