Chapter 16-Dark Honeymoon

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Kieran POV

The wedding was beautiful. Maria was beautiful. Her black dress, her hair, everything was beautiful. As the celebration began to wind down, Maria looked tired and distressed. She was exhausted from all of the activities that had plagued her today. I can still remember how scared she was when we shared a kiss to seal our eternal love. "My love?" She gasped as I touched her arm. "Kieran, I'm very tired. Could we please go?" I looked at all of my guests and said, "We need our dance and then we can leave." She nodded her head as I led her to the dance floor. The orchestra then began to play 'Moon River' for the both of us. I held her in my arms as I led the dance. "Maria." She looked at me as I said, "I will always love and cherish you. Please, just let me show you."I gently held her face as I gave her a kiss on her trembling lips. The guests clapped and whistled. She threw her arms around my neck as I continued to hold her close. She sighed and said, "Do you promise?" I hummed in response. We finished the dance and I said the final toast. "My dear guests. Today, we celebrated a union of two young lovers who saw fit to be married. Maria, my chosen love, promised to love and cherish me forever. I promise the same for her. To Maria, my beautiful and blushing bride." The guests said in reply, "To Maria!" Her face turned tomato red as we lifted our glasses in her name. I chugged my champagne and continued to say, "You may pick up your party favors at the door while I ravage my beautiful bride in bed." Maria gasped as many of guests, mostly men whistled and cheered. I pick up Maria bridal style and begin to walk out of the ballroom to our bedroom. 

Maria POV

This weirdo! How dare he say that? As the door to the ballroom door closed, I then start to struggle to get out of his grip. "Let go of me, Kieran!" I shout. Kieran then decides to run and I have no choice but to  hold on for dear life. Kieran then stops at a large wooden door. He places me down and says, "Maria, you know what has to happen." My eyes widened as I began to realize what he was implying. "Don't worry. I'll be very gentle." He opened the door to the bedroom and I gasped. There was a bouquet of roses and candles lighting the bedroom. The fireplace was roaring with a shiny glow. "Îți place, draga mea?" (Do you like it, my dear?) I knew it was Romanian but I didn't understand it. I didn't reply until Kieran asked me again in English. "Yes, I love it." I said in a monotone voice. Kieran turned me around and said, "Maria, I love you so much that I don't want to lose you. Please, let me make you happy." I looked at him and said, "I want to see my family. I want to go home and see them. Please." Kieran walked into the room and poured himself a drink. He chugged it down and hissed in pain. "Fuck, that whiskey is hard." I looked in confusion as I have never drank hard liquor before. Kieran looked at me and said, "I'll take you home just to see them. Then, we return home and start to make our family." I gulped as I began to think of my first-time with Kieran. My face turns red and Kieran begins to smirk. His wide eyes stare at me with lust as he is undressing me with his eyes. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. An elderly man and woman walked in and said, "Master Morningstar, we tried to stop him but he was able to slip inside. Please, don't kill us." I was utterly confused. Kieran sighed and said, "Where is he?" The elderly woman pointed to downstairs. Kieran motioned to the couple to come in and they closed the door. "Kieran, what is it?" I asked. Kieran then grabbed a small knife and stuck it in his boot. "Did the guests leave?" He asked. "Yes, some did and others decided to stay for the night. He's planning on spending the evening." Kieran looked at me and said, "It's Stefan, my young brother who envies everything I have. Make sure he doesn't get near you." Kieran kissed me and said, "He won't hesitate to hurt you. I love you, Maria Morningstar." I whispered back, "I love you too, Kieran." Kieran smiled and walked out of the room, locking it behind him. What was so wrong with Stefan that Kieran had to protect me from him?

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