Chapter 9-Come True

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Kieran POV
I'm alive! My senses have been awakened by this blessing. I have longed to be in the skin of a vampire. Not just to play one on stage but to be one. I have obtained strength and many extraordinary powers. Speed, invisibility, strength, ability to change into anyone I please and mind control. I sense that she is near. I begin to slow my speed and come across her house. It is a two-story house with a tall fence that surrounds the home. I hear a dog barking in her yard. I can see Maria in her window as she combs her hair and undresses from her bathrobe. My breath shuddered as I see her. I want to climb into her window and take her away. I then jump over her fence and come face to face with her dog. He whimpers as I come near him. He then lays down as I pet him and scratch him behind his ear. The dog calms down and starts snoring. I then climb up to Maria's window. She is getting into bed and turning her lamp off. I lick my lips in anticipation as I gaze at her beautiful body. I can hear her breathing softly and moaning as she trying to be comfortable in her bed. "Look at me, princess. Look at me." She wakes up and turns towards the window. She becomes frightened as I stare at her. She comes close to the window. "Let me in, princess." I whisper. She quietly whimpers and says, "Who are you? Please, tell me this is only a dream." I smirked and replied, "No, my pretty girl. How I want to taste you. Don't you remember me?" She shakes her head in disbelief. "Kieran?" My eyes widened. She does know! I continue to claw at the window, begging her to let me in. "Let me in. I'm so famished." She sits in her bed and squirms. "You're wet. I can smell you." Her face becomes red like a tomato. She then starts to leave her bed. Angered, I force my way in her room. She let out a shriek and I covered her mouth. She whimpered as I came close to her. "Mmm... No!" She begged. I carried her to her bed and placed her gently on it. "Kieran, please. Don't do this. I-I-I won't say anything. Don't hurt me, please." My heart was touched. She thought I would rape her. "Dragostea mea, nu te-aș răni niciodată" (My love, I would never hurt you). Her breaths calmed down. Her lips were begging to be kissed and her neck was begging to be sucked. "Kieran, what's happened to you?" She asked me. I then sat next to her and said, "I went to a gypsy who concocted a potion for me and I became a vampire. I did this for you. For us." Her eyes widened as she tried to back away from me. I held her close and kissed her neck. "Kieran, please." My eyes became black with anger. I needed to have her. Lust is overpowering my emotions. I restrain myself and say, "I'll return tomorrow night. Goodnight, my beautiful princess." I kiss her on her plump and beautiful lips. She wraps her arms around my neck and moans softly. She breaks the kiss and looks at me. She has fear in her eyes as I hover over her. I head towards the window but before I leave, I blow her a kiss and jump out. She immediately rushes to the window and sees me running back to the woods. I can feel the strong wind on my face and pulsating along my body.

Maria POV
I can't believe it! Kieran IS a real vampire! My heart was pounding. I have to find out more about Kieran. Tomorrow morning, I'll go see that gypsy who turned him. Maybe she can change him again.

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