Chapter 13-What?

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Maria POV

How can I be in Romania? I looked outside of the castle and I see large trees with a humongous lake and small boats. My heart sank as I realized what had taken place. I look around my room and see how gothic my room was. I draw the curtain back to let in some light because there wasn't any lamps or anything in my room. I had finished my meal and was still a little hungry. I tried to subdue my hunger by placing a pillow on my stomach. I then wrap a blanket around me and sit in front of the fireplace. My eyes were beginning to shut when someone knocked on my door and entered. "Hello, Maria. My name is Elizabeth and I will be attending to you. Let me give you a tour of the castle." She extended her hand to pick me off the floor. We then walked out of the room and walked down the long winding staircase. "So, this is Castle Hunterway. Named after Master Morningstar's great-grandfather. He is a Duke, you know. This has been in the family for almost five generations. We have updated this home to a more modern style of home. We have a home theatre for movie nights, a large kitchen with an island, a ballroom with mirrors for walls, and we even have a swimming pool down in the basement. Olympic size." I was amazed at the fact that Kieran had a castle, let alone a title. She led me to the kitchen and introduced me to the cook and assistant cook. "This is Percy and Walter. They will be the cooks here and will make anything you ask for. They have studied in the U.S., China, France, England, and even Germany. They are amazing cooks." After greeting them, Elizabeth then led me to the garden, where there were gardeners tending to the flowers and even cleaning a small pool for a fish named Linus and a turtle named Brian. As I was walking through the garden, I stumble across a small family of rabbits who leap towards me. I kneel down and begin to pet the rabbits, who proceed to jump on me. I giggle as they jump. Their fur is ticklish and fuzzy. "Shoo!" Elizabeth said. I pick myself up and say, "They're pretty. May I have one in my room?" She smiles and says, "Master Morningstar has the last word. I'll ask." She then leads me back to the castle into the living room. "May I suggest a bubble bath? I'll draw the hot water and lay out your things in the bathroom." Elizabeth states and walks away. I was left in the library. I check out the books and see that 'Dracula' was on the shelf. "Funny," I said under my breath. "You think so?" A voice said behind me. I jumped and squealed a little bit. Kieran was standing behind me with a glass of brandy. "I take it Elizabeth took you for a tour. Enjoy your rabbits?" He asked. I shake my head in agreement. Kieran walked close to me and handed me the brandy. I took a small sip and gave it back to Kieran. "I wanted us to have dinner tonight. It'll be ready at 8. Please, wear something beautiful. I stocked up your closet with gorgeous gowns." Kieran gave me a kiss on my head and cheek, which made me blush. He winked at me and walked away. My heart fluttered and jumped. I was still surprised and in shock. I knew that this would be difficult to comprehend but I was still calm and collected. I might have to go along with this to fight for my freedom.  

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