Chapter 3-Love At First Sight

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Kieran POV

She was so beautiful! Her red flaming curly hair was teasing me as it blew in the wind and her forest green eyes taunted me as they flashed at me as she waved goodbye to me. I have never felt this way before about a woman, let alone a beautiful one. I leapt from the stage and followed her to her car. Her hair is still flowing in the wind and she is laughing. "Look at me, princess. Look back at me." I wished. Suddenly, she turned back and sees me. Her face has softened and has a radiant glow. She again, smiled and waved goodbye to me. I waved back. I wanted her close to me. I sighed heavily and walked towards my tent that I was sharing for a night only. My roommate, Darrell, was there. "Hey, man. What's wrong?" I lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling. "Oh man. I saw this beautiful girl and I'm in love." Darrell started snickering and said, "I saw your show today. She's a beauty. Did you get her number?" I growled and said, "No! I didn't. She ran off. I guess I scared her when we danced and when I asked her to come home with me." Darrell looked at me and replied, "Dude, your home is an hour away and you have to camp out here for the whole weekend that you are performing. There's no way she would have gone home with you." Darrell was combing his hair. "Where the hell are you going?" I asked. "The snake lady and I have a date and maybe, I'll get lucky tonight." I rolled my eyes and said, "Good luck, you dog. I still need to find out when I'll see Maria again." Darrell grabs his wallet and leaves. I stare at the ceiling and wonder, is she thinking about me as I am of her? I sigh loudly and go to the small mirror I have. I take my dark clothes off, my black eye contacts, and fangs out. Maybe, if there was a way, I could see her again. I pray that she will come again and that she'll learn to love me.

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