Chapter 17-Stefan, The Jealous Brother

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Kieran POV
I lock the door to my bedroom to prevent my servants and bride from leaving. I make my way downstairs and I hear a deep laughter from downstairs. My heart jumps and my skin is tingling. As I descend onto the last step of the massive staircase, I see my brother, Stefan. Stefan is four years younger than me. He and I would often compete for our parents attention and love. Stefan left for college after high school and changed. Where short and shaggy hair was, he had replaced it with long and straight hair. He would wear sky blue eye contacts instead of being content with his dark hazel eyes, and would wear Victorian clothing with a top hat and a blue pendent he would call 'dragon's eye'. I stared down at my brother as he was chatting with a female guest. "Stefan!" I shout. The room grows silent. He slowly turns towards me and says, "My dear brother. Why didn't you tell me you were getting married? You lucky dog! She's hot. Have you screwed her yet?" My blood boiled as he spoke of my wife. I lunged at Stefan, pinning him to the wall and piercing my nails deep into his skin, drawing blood. Several of the guests gasped and walked away from us. Stefan seemed to enjoy my anger and tried to provoke me even more. "What's the matter, Kieran? She wasn't tight enough?" Stefan hissed as I dug my nails into his skin. "DON'T YOU EVER SPEAK ILL OF HER!!" I shouted in his face. Stefan smirked as I was piercing his skin. "Kieran, let's be honest. She seems fuckable." I was ready to tear his throat when I heard a small voice cooing from the corner of the room. "Kieran?" It was Maria. She was dressed in her white dress and her flaming red hair was let down in curls. Stefan gasped in amazement and wiped the blood from his neck. I was pushed by him as he rushed up to Maria and says to her, "Hello, Maria. You fancy a little fuck?" Maria gasped and slapped him on his face. That's my girl. "Oh baby, you need punishment." Stefan whispered to Maria. I then rush towards Maria and pulled her from Stefan's grasp.  "Love, I told you not to leave the room." I hissed. "Kieran, I became worried. Tell him to leave." Maria begged. Stefan snickered and replied, "She has you whipped, huh? Don't worry, brother dear. I'll have her after you are done with her." I ignored his ignorant comment and quietly asked Maria to leave. She gave me a kiss on my cheek and said, "Be careful, Kieran." She walked upwards to the staircase. Stefan stood next to me and said, "I'd pound that ass for days." I had enough. I growled at Stefan and pushed him again into the wall, cracking the cement. Stefan let out a scream that could break glass. My eyes began red with anger and hate. My fangs barring to rip out my own brother's throat. "My my, what big teeth you have brother!" Stefan said sarcastically. Before I could answer, Stefan replied, "Did a certain gypsy turn you into a vampire?" I gasped. How the hell did did he find out? Stefan smirked and said, "I have my sources. Why must you always get what you want?" I continue to push him towards the wall. "Listen to me, you stupid arrogant asshole! You stay away from me and my wife. If I ever catch you near my home, I'll fucking break your neck!" Stefan smirked at me and replied, "This was supposed to be my home, not yours. I was to inherit this home while you went carousing with carnival whores. You left Mom when she needed you the most. I was there! Not you! I deserve all of this! The home, servants, money, and the beautiful wife!" I let him go. "You were only there for money. Now, get the fuck out of my home!" Stefan looked at me and said, "You'll regret EVERYTHING that you have done to me. I'll be back for this and your wife." Stefan began to walk away but quickly turned around and looked at the staircase. I could see him smiling at someone. I take a peek and see its Maria, looking down. Stefan looked towards her and blew her a kiss. He proceeded to walk out of my home. I run towards Maria and hold her in my arms. She is trembling as I caress her hair and back. "Maria, don't worry about that insufferable bastard. He'll never step foot in this home while I'm here protecting you." I give Maria another kiss on her lips and held her face close to mine. Seeing Stefan after almost four years since Mother's death left me to realize that he could go far to try to strip me of what I have. I just didn't know how far he would go to in order to achieve that. I bring Maria back to the bedroom and begin to inform Maria about the bad blood between me and Stefan.

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