Chapter 7-Here Again

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Kieran POV

I finally finished dressing and placing my fangs in. I sigh heavily and look at myself in the mirror. Here I am, dressing for no-one. I don't even think that Maria will be here tonight. It's pointless. "Kieran!" I turn to see my roommate, Darrell, running into the tent. "She's here! She came back!" I immediately run out to see Maria with her friend. "I asked around and those are her grandparents and her best friend. She even asked for you." My heart was thumping as he relayed the message. I continued to stare at her as she twirls on her black dress. I longed to have her close to me. "Come on, I'm craving a turkey leg, you wretch!" Her friend Daisy said and Maria laughed. They head over to the food stand along with her grandparents. I stepped out of the shadows and into view of my bride. She and I make eye contact. I lick my lips in anticipation of wanting her. Suddenly, I decided to perform one song for the crowd. "Darrell, go introduce me and I'll be out." Darrell makes the introduction for me as I prepare for the song. "Ladies and Gentlemen, here he is, the one and only, Kieran Morningstar!" Smoke and lights surrounded me. "The Minotaur's my butler the Cyclops my valet. A Centaur draws my chariot that takes me down the way through a river made of fire to a street that's paved in bones. I got a dozen zombie skeletons to walk me to my throne. In the land of the dead! Heck boy, ain't it grand? I'm the overlord of the underworld cause I hold Horror's Hand! In the land of the dead, I'm darkside royalty I'm far renowned in the underground and you can't take that from me."   I can see her and her clan following after her. They enjoy the music while she stares at me. She smiles at me and I smile back. Her face is glowing as is her beautiful body. I continue to finish the song. "Cerberus my lap dog is loyal as can be. My bed is made of skulls, I'm in the lap of luxury! I've got a Dragon's Blood jacuzzi, the Gorgons think it's cool. And a seven-headed Hydra livin' in my swimmin' pool. In the land of the dead! Heck boy, ain't it grand? I'm the overlord of the underworld cause I hold Horror's Hand! In the land of the dead. I'm darkside royalty. I'm far renowned in the underground and you can't take that away from me! No, you can't take that from me!"  The crowd cheered and I left the stage. She was close to leaving and I caught her in time. "Maria!" She turned to me and waved back. I rush up towards her and she says, "Mr. Morningstar, how are you?" I lift and kiss her hand. "Call me Kieran." I pull her close. Her eyes flutter. "Kieran, may I introduce to you, my grandparents, Amy and Ronald?" I extended his hand and shook her grandparent's hands. They receive me well. "May I escort you all through the fair?" I asked. "Maria shall go with you. We'll be along shortly." Maria looks flustered and I pull her close. She trembles as I bring her close. Her grandparents and friend walked away, smiling. She chuckles nervously as I stare into her beautiful green eyes. "So, what would you like to do, my dear?" She looks down at her feet and says, "Let's walk around."

Maria POV

I hold onto Kieran as we stroll around the fair. We walk around the grounds and into the shops. Kieran took me to a shop where they sold jewelry. "Wait here." He walked towards the owner and he pulled out a ruby necklace with emerald beads surrounding the ruby. "Here you are, my love." I gasped in amazement. He motioned for me to hold my hair upwards as he clasped the necklace onto my neck. I feel his cool breath on my neck as I shudder at his touch. We faced a mirror as he finished fixing my necklace. "Do you like it, my sweet?"I gasped yet again and replied, "Yes, Kieran. This must have been too much for you." Kieran began to kiss my neck. I immediately moved and said, "Kieran! We don't know each other that well. You're cra-" My words were interrupted by a kiss. Kieran suddenly picked me up and carried to a gypsy caravan and pressed me against a wall. His kiss was so toxic and loving, that I wanted more. I longed for his touch and his fangs to dig deep into my skin. I was suddenly brought back to reality when I looked at the sun setting down along the deep red horizon. "Kieran, I must leave. I enjoyed our time together. I'm sorry." I begin to walk away and Kieran stops me in my tracks. "One last kiss, my love." I was hypnotized by his dark black eyes. Internally, he was calling me. Like a ghost in the night. I nodded and he kissed me with such passion. I held onto him as he said, "Be mine. I want you. I love you, Maria." I shook my head and replied with, "I must leave. Thank you for the beautiful gift. I'll come back soon. Goodnight, Kieran." I tiptoed and gave a kiss on his cold cheek. He began to blush. I looked at him as I was joining my family at the entrance. I waved one last goodbye as I left. He and I shared a smile and I left. Little did I know that my life would be topsy-turvy after that second visit. 

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