Chapter 25- Happily Ever After

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Maria POV

9 Months Later

"Push, my love. You're almost there!" Kieran says to me as I give birth to my daughter. It was a long labor but it was worth it. The doctor cuts the umbilical cord and cleans her up. She has beautiful green eyes and a small patch of red hair. She cries for a short time until I hold onto her. She quiets down and starts to gurgle. Her eyes are tightly shut because of the lights. The nurse asks Kieran, "What will you name your daughter?" Kieran looks at me and says, "Amelia Nicole Hunterway." Kieran reverted back to the surname of Hunterway because Morningstar was his stage-name. The nurse cleaned her again and handed Amelia to Kieran. He held onto her and kissed her forehead. She smiled and winkled her tiny nose as he kissed her cheek and forehead. "My beautiful baby girl. My Amelia. My beautiful daughter." I silently cry as I see Kieran showering our daughter with lots of love.

2 Days Later
Kieran spent the night with me in the hospital. As soon as the sun was shining, Kieran had my bags packed and was ready to take me back home. He had the chauffeur bring the car around and Kieran was rolling me outside in the wheelchair. The carride was quiet, with the exception of Kieran excitedly talking baby talk to Amelia. I smiled and kissed Kieran on the lips. "I love you so much, Maria Hunterway." Kieran whispered to me. His deep voice sends shivers down my spine, just as it did almost a year ago when I met him at the Renaissance festival. That experience has changed my life around. I now realized that I should never take anything for granted. I was reunited with my parents and grandparents. During these 9 months, my parents, Kieran, and the other recruits from my Mom and Dad's vampire hunting team had eliminated all of Stefan's followers to prevent anyone from trying to spread his weird propaganda. I felt safe knowing that we are protected. My thoughts began to dwindle down as I could see the beautiful castle Kieran and I call home and soon, my baby daughter will know that this is her home.

3 Hours Later
After my whole family threw a small party for me, they went back to the rooms in the West Wing. Kieran and I started in the East Wing. I carried Amelia while Kieran and two servants carried gifts we had received from the family and friends we had over. I began to speak to Amelia, even though she probably doesn't understand me. "You will always be loved. Daddy loves you. So does Grandma and Grandpa. And your great grandparents too. We will always protect you and love you. I will always be there for you. I love you, Amelia Nicole Hunterway." Amelia cooed and sneezed as I kissed her forehead. Kieran entered in the room first and placed the gifts on the other side of the room. "Darling, you need to rest. Give me Amelia and prop your feet up." I hand Kieran the baby and I immediately plop down onto the bed. Kieran whispers something to Amelia and she cooes one last time before she falls asleep for the night. As I undressed into my robe, Kieran stripped to his boxers and slipped under the covers. I snuggle next to Kieran and feel his warmth next to me. "I love you, my darling wife." Kieran whispered to me. I look at Kieran and Amelia. I say to Kieran and say, "I love you too, my wonderful husband." We kiss passionately, knowing that we were alright and nothing was going to stop us from succeeding in our love and happiness.

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