Bonus Chapter: Resurrection

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The mysterious dark figure walked in the middle of the Forbidden Wood. 9 months had passed since the battle against Stefan. The hooded figure had a napsack in their hand. The figure drew a circle with some strange language written on the circle. The figure started to burn sage and chant in Latin. The figure then set some candles around the circle and lit them. The figure began to chant in Latin a spell. "Reducam sapiens. Reduc omnium salvatorem. Ideo Et erit in perpetuum gratiam tui." (Bring back the wise one. Bring back the Savior. If so, I'll forever be in your favor.) The wind began to blow through the trees and the leaves started to encircle around the figure. The mysterious figure pulls the napsack and pulls out a skull and places it in the middle of the circle. Flames arose from the circle and the skull began to float. Suddenly, bones from the forest floor began to gather around and began to form into a body. The figure continued to chant in Latin as fleah began to spurt onto the body. Screaming was heard as the body finished forming. The figure took his cloak off and handed it to the new man. "My Lord, you've returned. I have resurrected you as promised. What is your next step?" The cloak set onto the man and the resurrected man was Stefan. "My devoted servant, we will recruit more followers and take revenge on my brother."

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