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sex slave falling for her master by MulaaGang
sex slave falling for her masterby MulaaGang
What happens when a 16 year old teenager becomes a sex slave and falls in love with her 18 year old master???
  • sexslave
  • exotics
  • romantic
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Hidan's Ritual (LEMON!) by LuluPunkRock
Hidan's Ritual (LEMON!)by Lulu🌙
Hidan is forced to go with Kakuzu to find a bounty worth 40 million. While you're on a mission to investigate on the Akatsuki's whereabouts, you unintentionally meet Hid...
  • forced
  • mychemicalromance
  • love
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Bound: Toxic Bite (Book 1) by aprilstone90
Bound: Toxic Bite (Book 1)by April Stone
"You're mine." I said, only inches away from her beautiful face. Her eyes. Her lips. I could not resist. "There's only you... Only you." My thumb car...
  • royal
  • passion
  • bite
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Sleeping With A Stranger by _Yoitsjordan
Sleeping With A Strangerby Jordan
THIS IS A ROMANCE/MYSTERY NOVEL. One hot summer day Diamond gets a Skype message from a mysterious guy. She has no clue how he found her on there or anything. Well they...
  • naughty
  • teen
  • lustful
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Pros and cons of dating an older guy by missvalencia
Pros and cons of dating an older Valencia
A quirky but cute love story about the results of making one bad decision. Good girl Kate happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Everyone expects her to b...
  • love
  • teen
  • teenpregnancy
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A Companion for Life.  by KittyKatty611
A Companion for Life. by KittyKatty611
Smack dab in the middle of the busy and expensive city, there lives a humble family of six. The eldest daughter, Alara Parker, has to juggle clumsily between school, wor...
  • lovestory
  • romantic
  • bloodthirsty
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From Lonely to Lustful by DylanGalazka
From Lonely to Lustfulby DylanGalazka
  • club
  • lustful
  • fantasy
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The Way You Lie [CHAELISA FANFICTION] by MarchYyuix
The Way You Lie [CHAELISA KillingInnocence
Coming Up Soon
  • beautifulsin
  • gxg
  • roseannepark
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Winning the billionaires heart by sweetdreams2020
Winning the billionaires heartby sweetdreams2020
Elena was a shy girl, who just wanted to fit in. When she was a kid, everyone made fun of her. When she turned eighteen, she left for the cities. Elena moves in with her...
  • love
  • romance
  • paris
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Demon's Forbidden Kiss (completed) by NiteCatAuthor
Demon's Forbidden Kiss (completed)by Cassie Dreiling
(Rough Draft) Book 1 (Not sure what I want the series to be named yet) Alyssia is a human living in a hidden society with demon men, women, and children. She has lived i...
  • playboy
  • demons
  • royal
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hickies in the practice room by ellesandviolettes
hickies in the practice roomby Elle
in which a boy and a girl in band date, and things get scandalous. Started: 5/16/19 Ended: ~ ~Highest Rankings~
  • hickeys
  • scandal
  • lust
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Desire and lust(The Cruel prince by Holly Black) by Blueyesally
Desire and lust(The Cruel prince Shiloh
I was tried of not finding any fanfic of Cardan and Jude so I thought hell why not make my own..and that is how I ended up here and I thought maybe you guys would like i...
  • fanfiction
  • holly
  • steamy
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Ahreane (Bxb, Gxb) by Lonesome_Fire
Ahreane (Bxb, Gxb)by Ms. Valdez
-- Spin-off to the Omega series-- *Sneak Peak* Years streamed down her face, she sniffed feeling her airway closing. All around her fire rose high, burning everything in...
  • confusion
  • lgbt
  • littlelove
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When The Clock Strikes Midnight (Jeff the Killer x Reader) by ReverseThePolarity
When The Clock Strikes Midnight ( daddy
When The Clock Strikes Midnight (Jeff the Killer x Reader) Your mother died when you were a kid, and she died in such a strange manner. You knew it wasn't natural, you...
  • thriller
  • romance
  • jeffthekillerxreader
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Sad smut ㅋㅋㅋ (straykids oneshots) by jusTAEstetic
Sad smut ㅋㅋㅋ (straykids oneshots)by Sexytaeisgae
"I want you and only" he said As he lowers and lowers The smuttiest smut you will ever read I promise
  • minho
  • nasty
  • lustful
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Gay Ass Oneshots by November___Sky
Gay Ass Oneshotsby Skye
gay asf
  • andybiersack
  • gay
  • chrismotionless
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Sex, Lust and Loneliness by ThatGirlNamedLauren
Sex, Lust and Lonelinessby ThatGirlNamedLauren
Andie has never been in love, never been attatched, but she's been with more guys than she can count. Will a sexy, 20 year old Liam change this? Warning: there will be...
  • lustful
  • love
  • romance
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Lustful Attraction {Harry Potter} by _X_Sammii_X_
Lustful Attraction {Harry Potter}by 💋Tinkerbell💋
Alexa Athena Black is the daughter of Sirius Black. She is known as the Slytherin ice queen. She has everyone eating out of the palm of her hand. Alexa has been raised...
  • slytherin
  • alexablack
  • hogwarts
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Grojband: A Shocking Yet Tempting Surprise by Freelance360
Grojband: A Shocking Yet Keem Scott
Corey who is now 17 and also no longer dense about his surrounding goes visits his best friend Laney to talk with her about something very important but instead of going...
  • lusting
  • highschool
  • coreyriffin
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Over protective love Todoroki x Fem Izuku  by MHAFanGirl901
Over protective love Todoroki x Otaku Potato Girl
This story is about Todoroki Falling deeply madly in love with Izuku and he is highly over protective protective of her also he loves her dearly and he wants to be with...
  • femizuku
  • r18
  • foreverlove
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