Chapter 5-Leaving

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Maria POV
Daisy was blaring Voltaire music as we were exiting the woods. All it did was remind me of Kieran. His demeanor towards me was kind and loving until I was leaving. I know that he is an actor but I almost did believe that he was a real vampire. His seductive looks made me melt in his arms, his strong Romanian accent made me shudder within my own skin, his dark and intruding eyes that controlled my every movement and his muscular body made me want him with every fiber of my being. "Hey, night dreamer! What's wrong? You miss Kieran?" Daisy teased me. Rolling my eyes, I said, "Daisy, I'm not thirsty like you! Sure, he was handsome but I need to explore for other men. I want to travel, meet new people, have a good life in my twenties." Johnny was asleep already and I was close to passing out. Daisy looks at me and says, "You already accomplished so much. Your parents are proud of you." I sighed heavily and said, "Would be proud, you mean. They abandoned me, remember?" I was abandoned by my mother and father when I was three. They dropped me at my grandparent's house, who at the time was only forty-five and forty-six. They walked away and I haven't seen them since. Rumors were that they were not ready for me and that they were young to have me. My grandparents, Ronald and Amy, took me in and loved me as their own. After raising me for eighteen years, they successfully sent me a good university and I graduated. I was the first to graduate in my family. Daisy replied with nothing and placed on some 80's music so we could sing along to. I barely remember that day that they dropped me. My mother kissed me goodbye and so did my father. I reach out for them and they both walk away from me. Time had passed and I have finally arrived at my house. My grandparents were asleep already. I sneak in quietly and make myself a ramen soup with a cheese sandwich and cool ranch Doritos. I turn the TV on and watch Golden Girls. I can't help but laugh as Sophia makes her quick-witted remarks. I finish my meal and wash my plate. I watch a few more episodes of Golden Girls when I heard a small voice behind me. "Hey, sweetie. When did you get in?"  I turn to see my grandmother standing in her light blue robe and curlers. I immediately jump up and give her a hug. She embraces me tightly and I continue to hold onto her. Tired as we both were, she lead me up the stairs and tucked into bed. I gave her a goodnight kiss and she smiled at me. I feel peaceful, knowing that she and grandfather were always here for me. 

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