Chapter 14-Dinner

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Kieran POV

I dress in my finest suit and head towards the kitchen. The cook, Percy, was there making a dish for Walter to sample. "Ah, Mr. Morningstar, how are you today? Some papricaș?" I look at the dish and sampled it. "Hmm... Delicious! Will you serve this tonight?" Despite becoming a vampire, I still crave human food. I was not bitten but simply changed. Bloodlust would only ensure when I needed it. "Yes, sire! I will! Along with many other Romanian foods and whatever else the young lady wants." I look at the dishes and saw that there were some cabbage rolls, roasted duck with varza calita and beef tripe soup with diced cabbage and tomatoes. "I think she'll like this. Also, make some quail and some fried dough with sweet cheese. She also likes this weird pepper wrapped with-" "Ah, don't worry Mr. Morningstar! I know exactly what that is and I'll make it for her!" Percy nodded and signaled to Walter to start cooking. I walked out of the kitchen and into the dining room, waiting for my beautiful girl to walk down those stairs and see what dress she had on. 

Maria POV

I stared into my closet. Most of the dresses Kieran bought me were too "exposing". One dress I picked had a slit-down my leg and exposed my bare breasts. It was a green shimmering dress that pressed against my hourglass figure. Sighing heavily, I strip from my white dress and placed on the dress. Elizabeth walked in and began to fix my hair. She decided to do an updo with my red hair. I looked like a weird sexy fairy from Ireland. I look at myself and I look pretty but I don't want to entice Kieran. it took me almost an hour to get ready. "Come along, my child," Elizabeth said. She took me down the stairs and led me to the dining room and I sat down on the head chair. "Kieran will be here shortly. Dinner is almost ready." Elizabeth walked away and left me alone. I sat there, looking at the plate and anxiously drumming my fingers on the table. Shortly, I feel a cold breeze across my shoulders. I turn around and see Kieran playing the piano "All I Ask of You" from Phantom of The Opera. I slowly walked up to him and he said, "Can you sing love?" I nodded my head no.  "Sad. We could have done a duet together.  I smell some dinner waiting. Let's go, love." Kieran grabbed my hand and said, "Come along." There was an enormous banquet awaiting us. Kieran pulled my chair out and I sat down. Kieran pushed me inwards and Percy brought out the food. It smelled heavenly! "Percy, let Maria pick her food." Percy extended his hand and lifted me as I was given a plate. I picked some cabbage rolls, quail, soup and my personal favorite that was made: bacon wrapped jalapeños. "Kieran, you had all this done?" Kieran smiled and said, "Of course. You are my guest and I look after my guests. Always." Percy served us wine and left. Kieran raised his glass and said, "To us, my dear. May we be happy always." I raised my glass slightly as hunger overtook my stomach. Kieran and I began eating. After we finished, Walter brought out an Oreo cheesecake with whipped cream out to the table. "Did you enjoy the food?" Kieran asked. I looked up and said, "Yes. Thank you" Kieran sat next to me and eat along with me. "Tomorrow, we're going to start planning." I swallowed my dessert and asked, "Plan?" Kieran smirked and said, "For our wedding, my sweet."

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