Chapter 21-Broken Promises

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Stefan POV

"YOU LIED TO ME!!!" The Shadow approached me and said, "The future is always unsure! You should know by now that you cannot trust a being like me." I was furious. Maria was no longer a virgin. She was to be mine and mine alone. This spell that this temptress has me under has left me broken and obsessive. She is the desire I long to have. "You were too late. Kieran has claimed her and belongs to him fully."  I crouched down and placed my face in my hands. Sorrow overcame my body. I wanted her. She was supposed to be mine, not his! The Shadow comes to me and says, "You can still have her. If you have something to use against her, she'll have no other choice than to submit herself to you." I stare at the Shadow and ask, "Why should I believe you?" The Shadow chuckled and replies, "She has her grandparents living in Texas. It will work, trust me." The Shadow disappears and I can hear his laughing echo. I was left alone in the woods. The sun was beginning to peak through the trees. I hadn't realized that I was there all night long. I hid underneath the shade and placed my ring on to protect me from the sun. Anger fumed through my body as I recollect what had occurred. 

Flashback (Last Night) 

"Master Stefan, you seem different." My maid, Darla, said with a curious tone in her voice. I smile at her and say, "I am different! I feel like a new person, Darla." She smiled meekly and says, "Shall I prepare you some dinner?"  I smile and say, "No, thank you, Darla. I am very full." She takes my coat and hangs up while she goes to attend to her cleaning duties. I ran full speed to my room and sighed with content. I was a vampire and I was stronger than my own dear brother. I laid in bed, thinking of Maria writhing and arching in pleasure as we made love. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard a small moan. I recognized that voice. It was Maria. "No." I uttered to myself. I jumped from my window and ran through the forest. Though the trees were hitting me, I didn't care. I NEEDED to know what was wrong. He finally arrived at Kieran's castle. I ran around to hear the source of the moan. I heard it again. This time, it was both Kieran and Maria. My heart fluttered and ached as I knew what was possibly taking place. I then found a small window where the basement was. It was no longer a basement but a honeymoon suite that Kieran had made for him and his new wife. There to my horror, I saw Maria underneath Kieran in the bed. Kieran placed his cock in between Maria's legs and was thrusting violently. Maria was screaming and moaning as Kieran thrusted harder and harder into her fragile body. Tears were threatening to spill from my eyes. I was upset and angry. Why would she do this to me? Finally, as I was ready to leave, I heard Maria say, "Kieran, please! I-I-I need to cum! Oh, GOD KIERAN!!!" "MARIA!!! OH, GOD!" Kieran yelled back. Both climaxed and kissed each other on the lips. I ran with such force towards the forest. I stopped when I was close to the other side of the woods. I let out such a scream that it frightened the birds to fly from the trees. "SHADOW!!! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?! LIAR!!" No response. Finally, I could hear hooves approaching me. "YOU LIED TO ME!"

Present Day

I knew then what I had to do. I had to kidnap her grandparents to be able to use them as bait to make Maria marry me and follow my every command like a puppet. I smirked as I could imagine her begging for their lives. Then, I could kill Kieran and take back what was rightfully mine from the very beginning. I couldn't wait for her to be mine.  

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