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Prince Of Blood {Completed} by SaraTekirian
Prince Of Blood {Completed}by Sara Tekirian
You could know someone your entire life and think you know everythig about them.But then one day you realize the guy you're really in love with is a vampire.
  • vampire
  • blooddrinkers
  • mysterious
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Diabolik lovers boyfriend scenarios  by bloodyrose86
Diabolik lovers boyfriend Sarah ❤
Find out what it's like to date your favourite hot vampires! This book includes: The Sakamaki brothers - Shu - Reiji - Ayato - Kanato - Laito - Subaru The Mukami brothe...
  • diaboliklovers
  • kanato
  • shu
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now i'm happy (Laito X Reader) by lovelyraetheyoutuber
now i'm happy (Laito X Reader)by Arianna M
(y/n) is a girl who's parent's were killed by Cordelia and is now Cordelia's servant but they got separated a church toke (y/n) in and cared for her but then she was s...
  • laitoforever
  • laitosakamaki
  • sexylaito
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Kidnapped By Vampires (Completed) by Anime_Crazy18
Kidnapped By Vampires (Completed)by E i g h t e e n 18🔞
Everything iv'e done for you Sarah, yet in return you make me fall apart. My Dream is to get my book to 1M. I actually started writing this Book when i was 13, im now tu...
  • romance
  • fan
  • dark-romance
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One In A Billion(Owari no Seraph x Reader) by MissNecrosis
One In A Billion(Owari no Seraph MissNecrosis
The sparks of lightning lick harmlessly at your feet, catching the ends of your dress with its heatful wave. Before, you stands a fallen electric wired pole Beneath it a...
  • guren
  • hotvampires
  • shinya
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diabolik lovers the sweet girl swag by ravenroth1234
diabolik lovers the sweet girl swagby ravenroth1234
Bonibel is a girl who has been send by her step mother Phoebe,after her father dies, to live in a house filled with vampires only she isn't informed. have fun reading th...
  • kanato
  • ruki
  • laito
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She repaired my humanity ... the vampire diaries fanfic (2nd attempt) by Essie_Salvatore
She repaired my humanity ... the Essie_Salvatore
Damon Salvatore fanfic :*
  • iloveyou
  • ian
  • love
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Twilight (TC version) by fluffyskydiepieliana
Twilight (TC version)by Liana /).(\
Sylvia Parker is moving into Montreal with her dad until her mom says she can come back. Her parents are split up and Lana, her mother is sitting stuff out with her new...
  • hotvampires
  • shapeshifters
  • vampires
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Beloved Heart's Beat by Andy_Writes_
Beloved Heart's Beatby Andrea.H
''Beware of those who make your heart beat quickly; they don't love you. They're using yours because their own won't beat at all.'' Daisy, a sad girl who's inherited a f...
  • maze
  • wattys2018
  • tomb
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White Raven  by JuniperStarr02
White Raven by JuniperStarr02
It's a truth universally known that vampires suck. Not in the general sense, since vampires do live off of blood like the bloodsucking parasites they are. Nor is it the...
  • demonhunters
  • werewolves
  • hotvampire
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Internal Love by AlyssaBuggs
Internal Loveby Alyssa Buggs
When Emily wandered around in the forest after finding her parents dead. She never thought about finding a guy in the forest draining the life of a deer.
  • love
  • hotvampires
  • fangs
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Evanescence  by whompingwillowsss
Evanescence by whompingwillowsss
Evelyn turned her head, and took a deep sigh. "BANG" Evelyn fell. No matter how long they watched, she kept falling. Until finally... read more to find out wha...
  • forced
  • slave
  • romance
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Diary of A Vampire (On Hold) by AnDrEaMs4
Diary of A Vampire (On Hold)by Anne Bridges
Hello my name is Rose Narine, but people call me Narine, it means Kimi of Seducers. I am a Vampire Slayer, and this is a story how I fell in-love with one hell of a Vamp...
  • boss
  • rose
  • vampireslayer
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Try me, Mr. Vampire(boyxboy) by KITTEN_V
Try me, Mr. Vampire(boyxboy)by CrazyIntrovertInLove
Alexander Wilts is a writer. A VERY dedicated writer. He is always typing away, allowing his imagination to come alive in the form of words. Although....when finally he...
  • manxman
  • hotvampire
  • lgbt
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Unnatural by FindingMyPotato
Unnaturalby French Fry Emily
The new student, Maxwell Vondran-Lessard, is everything you want in a guy, he has an accent, he's smart, funny, and when he walks through the doors of Grierson High Scho...
  • vampire
  • humangirl
  • hotvampire
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Vampire In Disguise by baby_blueu
Vampire In Disguiseby baby_blueu
Evelyn is just an ordinary girl liveing her ordinary life but she has one secret she has Been hiding from everyone. When she thought things couldn't get worser a new guy...
  • vampire
  • hotvampires
  • awww
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Queen of Fear by bellaniya12
Queen of Fearby Bella Aniyah
BLOOD THIRSTY , cold blooded, HUNGRY savage vampire and this is you. I quote off of u " Love is for weak people ,and I am not weak I need no love in my life. "...
  • killin
  • regret
  • hotvampire
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Life As A Werewolf With My Five Hot Bad Boy Vampire Bullies Who Are 1D by niallsrightnut
Life As A Werewolf With My Five choncena
she was lonely, depressed, fat, anorexic, had no friends, everyone bullied her and used her amdh her parents were abusive and ate alcohol and drugs 👌they always doted o...
  • sexy
  • onedirection
  • werewolfmc
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Roses Of Blood  |•| Bts Fanfic by Nari_RedrOses
Roses Of Blood |•| Bts Fanficby Kim ji joon
The Human Race Has Fallen, but the new Race has Rise to top and it's now ruling the Entire world, The Race that had been the human's feared about, has been came into rea...
  • romance
  • parkjimin
  • kiss
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