Chapter 10-Answers

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Maria POV
I woke up with the sun shining on my face and body. At first, I couldn't see and I was groggy. Then, I remembered. Kieran was here last night. I quickly get up, brush my teeth, and dress in jeans and a sweater. I rush out of my room, grab my keys and purse, and head downstairs. I see that my grandparents are eating. "Afternoon, sleepy head! You woke up late today!" Grandpa Ronald exclaimed. "Dreaming of Kieran, probably." Grandma Amy giggled. Thank God she didn't see me last night. "No! Just tired, that's all." I replied. Both of them shrugged their shoulders and continued with their business.  I looked at my watch, which read 11:32 am. "I'm going to go see Daisy at her job. She and I are heading to the movies today after her shift at 2. I'll be back at 5. I love you both." I gave both of them hugs and kisses and went to my car. The fair was already open and I needed to see that woman that transformed Kieran. Maybe she can change him back. 

An Hour Later

I arrive at the fair, which was actually closed. I had forgotten that they shut it down during the week. As I am about to leave in disappointment, I hear a voice calling me, "Maria..." It sounded like a whimsical female voice. Ignoring it, I continued to head to my car and I heard it yet again. "Maria...Come here. I'll give you those answers you want." I turn and see a woman sitting on the stoop of her purple caravan with flowers and windchimes dangling around. "You speak Romanian?" She asks me and I shake my head no. "Okay, I speak English well. don't worry, sweet girl." She stands up and walks towards me. "You are looking for Kieran, no?" She asks me. I open my mouth to ask her name when she suddenly says, "My name is Madame Shelley and I'm a close friend of Kieran." Stunned, I say, "I need your help, Madame Shelley. Kieran is-" "A vampire. I was the one who helped him." She immediately replied. I sighed in disbelief and asked, "Why? He came to me last night! He frightened me and I want him to be normal! Please, change him back, Madame Shelley." She tightens her fists and says, "I can't! He cannot be changed. I made the spell permanent. He is to be like this for the rest of his eternal and immortal life." Tears fell from my eyes and onto the green grass I stood upon. Madame Shelley walks up to me and hands me a handkerchief. "Dry your tears, Maria. Let us look into your future." She leads me to her caravan and we sit at a table. There is a crystal ball on top of the table. "Gaze into it." I then stare at the ball and begin to see myself, in a white summer dress. I am standing in a forest and looking around my surroundings. I then see someone running after me and I'm screaming for help. The creature catches up with me and pins me down to the dirt ground. My red hair is tangled with leaves and sticks. I squirm and try to fight the creature but he is stronger. I whimper as he comes near. He then holds me by the neck and whispers in my ear, "All mine." I then black out. I gasp heavily and begin to hyperventilate. Madame Shelley stared at me and said, "You have a fear of being hurt. You are scared, Maria. Wait a moment." She then stands up and hands me a sword with a double edge and a hilt that had an emerald in the middle. "I am giving this to you as a gift so that you can protect yourself." She ushers me out of her caravan and I ask, "Wait, protection from Kieran or something else?" She looks at me with no emotion and says, "That is up to you, my dear. May God be with you." She shuts the door to her caravan and locks it. I walk away to my car and place the sword in the trunk. I then sit in the driver seat and turn the vehicle on. As I pull away, Daisy calls me. "Hey! You heading to my work?" I look at Google Maps and see that it would take me 35 minutes to make it to Daisy's job. "I'll be there in 35 minutes. Just wait for me inside and I'll call you. Do you have the tickets?" "Got them in my purse! You sound troubled. Are you okay?" She asked. I couldn't tell Daisy because she wouldn't believe me. "I'm okay. I just feel exhausted, I don't know why." Daisy simply says, "Well, you'll be hyper after you have the usual pizza and soda at the movies." I laugh and say, "I'll be there soon. See ya, Days." "See ya, M." She replies. I hang up and think of what I saw in the crystal ball. I have always been interested in mystical things such as this, but I never thought that it existed. I was scared and conflicted. I wanted to talk to Kieran but I had no way of reaching him. I hope to see him soon. I dismiss my scary thoughts and place on my radio, listening and jamming out to 'Sunglasses at Night's by Corey Hart.

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