Chapter 22-Cut Too Short

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Maria POV

I woke up next to Kieran, underneath the covers. Last night was amazing. The sex was positively mind-blowing. I yawned and jerked under the covers as I was trying to sneak into the bathroom. "Did I give you permission to leave?" Kieran asked. I look at him and said, "I need to get away from you before you take me again, good sir." Kieran sneered and said, "Get back here, Mrs. Morningstar!" Kieran jumped on me and pulled me back to bed. I scream with delight as he found my sweet spot on my neck. "That was amazing last night," Kieran said. "You were so tight, my Queen." I kissed him on his chest and said, "It felt wonderful to be with you. I love you so much, Kieran." I look at him and say, "I want to call my grandparents. Please?" Kieran sighed and said, "Okay. Let's call them. The signal is kinda sketchy so let's go to the media room." I immediately jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom. "Let me in, Maria!" "Nope! I need to shower!" I teased. After undressing and jumping in the shower stall, I hear the door open and I look to see Kieran standing there, naked. His length still surprises me as I lust for him. "Daddy has to be packaged for you, my love." I giggled as Kieran joined me in the shower. 

An Hour Later

After another mind-blowing passion of sex, Kieran and I started to get ready. Kieran picked out a nice outfit for me and he dressed in a suit. As I finished drying my hair, Kieran then said, "We can video call them first then meet them." I looked puzzled. "Kieran, it would take almost a day to get back to Texas." Kieran smirked and said, "Did I mention I can run on water?" I smiled and said, "I love you, Kieran. You're willing to cross an ocean for me?" Kieran held my face in his hand and said, "An ocean, galaxy, universe, time. I'd do anything for you." We walked towards the media room and went to one of the many computers Kieran had. I logged into my Skype account and called Grandma Amy. "MARIA? Are you okay? Where have you been? We've been worried sick!" Both of my grandparents shouted. "I'm okay. I left to Romania to be with my husband." Both were shocked as I flashed the gorgeous and enormous ring that Kieran gave me. "Sweetie, why didn't you say anything?" Then, Kieran comes into view and says, "Hello, ma'am and sir. I apologize for whisking your lovely granddaughter away but when we saw each other, I knew she was the one for me. We came here to Romania and married. You and your wife don't need to worry about money. I have a rather large estate and money. Technically, I am a Duke and your granddaughter is a Duchess." Grandma Amy looked stunned and Grandpa Ronald was too. "But is everything okay? Are you safe?" I smiled and said, "We're okay. I promise." Both my grandparents smiled and said, "Kieran, we are still ticked but promise us that you will keep her safe and always love her." Kieran was about to respond when there was a knock that we heard from my grandparents call.  "Amy, could you get that while I interview my grandson-in-law?" Grandma Amy chuckled and left. Grandpa Ronald started to ask Kieran, "So when you say estate you mean a large piece of land?" Kieran chuckled and said, "That and many more." I also have my own-" suddenly we were interrupted by a blood curdling scream and as Grandpa Ronald turned around, he was hit in the back of the head. I screamed loudly and Kieran held onto my arms. We finally saw the figure in view. It was Stefan. "Hello, my friends. Welcome to Stefan's Grasp! We have the lovely Amy and dashing but old Ronald. Both are such lively contestants but only one will live. Who will it be?!" He screamed as he held both my grandparents in his hands. "STEFAN, WHAT THE FUCK?!" Kieran asked. "I simply want what you have. Give me Maria and your possessions over and I'll release these two elderly people or they will die and rise as vampires." Kieran then gasped softly as he saw Stefan's new fangs. "Hurry hurry little Maria. Grandma and Grandpa won't last long." The signal was cut. I gasped in fear. "We need to get out of here." Kieran said. He dragged me to the lobby and quickly informed his servants what had happened. Suddenly, Kieran grabbed me and rushed outside. He was running so fast that I was dizzy. His speed was running through mountains, forests,  and the ocean. After 30 minutes of running we finally arrived home and we saw police cars surrounding my home. The police officer told us that there was a struggle and there was some blood but no bodies. Kieran and I looked at each other and wondered what to do next. Stephan then texted Kieran and said, "Wait for my call, don't say anything." Kieran looked at me and said, "We're powerless against him. We need help." It was then when I remembered what the Gypsy woman told me. "I am giving this to you as a gift so that you can protect yourself." After the police were done, I went to my car and pulled the sword that was given to me. Kieran stared at me and said, "Did Madame Shelley give you that?" He asked. I nodded and said, "She had told me to use it as protection. I guess she prophesied it was Stefan we needed to fight." Kieran then pulled me around the side of the house and we climbed into the window. He started to smell the house. "I'm trying to figure out what happened." After minutes of silence, he said, "He took them back to Romania, to the Forbidden Wood. Many people have ventured there and never returned." I look at Kieran and say, "We'll be safe. We have each other." With that, Kieran held me close to his chest and ran all the way to Romania to fight Stefan for my grandparents.

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