Chapter 1-Into The Woods

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Maria POV

I finally graduated from LSU with a degree in Law and a minor in Music. After graduating, I left back home to search for a job in Houston. I started driving towards the outskirts, towards Katy and I got a phone call from my friend, Daisy, who also graduated from LSU. She left for home the same day of graduation instead of waiting like I did. I answered the call with my Bluetooth headset. "Hey, girl!" I laugh and reply back, "What's up Daisy?" I see that I'm only 10 minutes away from my house in Humble. "I scored three tickets for the Texas Renaissance Festival and I want you to come with me!" I sighed and replied, "I want to see my family though, Daisy." Daisy giggled and said, "I spoke with your grandparents and they said it was cool. Come on!" I sighed again and replied with, "Alright! I'm going to change at your house." With that said, I hung up and went to Daisy's.

3 Hours Later

I left the house with Daisy and with her brother, Johnny. I've known her family for so many years and we always hang out. We then drive towards the festival and throughout the ride, we were singing along to songs that were randomly playing. We finally arrive and are escorted towards the festival. We are led into a wooded area, while Johnny says, "Welcome to The Hundred Acre Wood." We both snicker and start holding onto each other. We pass the threshold of the entrance and are amazed. Everything was so beautiful. People dressed as olde timey wear, beautiful dresses and plenty of food. "Hey! Why don't we buy some renaissance get up? We'll buy dresses and Johnny can try to find something that'll make him look like Assassin's Creed." I giggled while Johnny looks offended. We each go and buy our attire. I buy a green dress with gold lining, which makes me look like Merida. I even buy myself a small crown and have one the saleswomen help me place it. Daisy bought herself a blue with gold dress and Johnny bought himself a Steam Punk costume. We take many selfies and start walking around. People are looking at us with amazement. Suddenly, we heard a booming voice say, "Ladies and Gentlemen!! It is my honor to introduce you the one and only performing vampire, Kieran Morningstar!" Then a flash of smoke and lights. A man appears in a gothic black suit with a cape and a top hat. He also carried a black cane with a silver bat on top.The eyes of the bat had rubies on them. His eyes are piercing black and he is so handsome. I'm drawn to this stranger. He immediately locks eyes with me.

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