Chapter 20-Isn't It Romantic?

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Maria POV

Kieran didn't take me straight to the room I was in. Instead, he took me underground. He placed me down and we walked to a 'honeymoon suite' that looked like it was from a wedding magazine. There was a roaring fireplace, chilled champagne, roses in a vase, and a large pool in the same room. I gasped in wonder. This room was beautiful. I gasped as Kieran came behind me and kiss my neck. "I'll pour us a drink." Kieran popped open the champagne and I sat on the edge of the pool. Kieran had taken his jacket and bowtie off. His shirt is open, revealing his muscular and rock-hard body. His chest was so defined that I wanted to jump on him. Stop it, Maria, I said to myself. "Like what you see?" Kieran asked me. I blushed as Kieran walked towards me. Kieran handed me the champagne and sat next to me. "To us and to tonight." We clinked our glasses and drank. The champagne tasted sweet and very bubbly. I hiccupped for a while and Kieran laughed. I smiled and said, "Kieran, this place is beautiful. Exactly how many rooms does this castle have?" Kieran smiled and said, "330 rooms with bathrooms in the rooms. 23 kitchens, 18 dining rooms, a large media room for movie night. An Olympic swimming pool and too many other things to mention." I laugh and say, "Do you also have a pet dragon as well?" Kieran laughed and said, "No, but I have an actual statue of a dragon and a dinosaur in my garden." I laughed and hiccuped when he said that. "I love you, Kieran." Kieran looked at me and said, "I love you too, Maria." She picked up hers and mine champagne glasses and placed them on the table. She looked at the bed and then at me. "Undress me, Kieran. Please." Kieran stood up and came behind me to unzip my dress. The zipper was slowly pulled down as I shook in anticipation. "Don't tremble, my love. You'll love it."  The dress fell to the floor, exposing my semi-nude body. I could see that Kieran was aroused. His bulge was portuding through his pants. God, he's big I thought. He took his shirt off and was unbuckling his pants. I stood there; almost dumbfounded. I never had sex before and I was nervous. "Lay down and take your garment off." Kieran ordered. I took my underwear and bra off and laid down. My hair was underneath me and I almost wanted to back away. Kieran stripped everything off. His muscular build was turning me on. His arms were so built. His length was- Oh God, he's big. I want that in me. "You're blushing, Maria." Kieran interrupted my train of thought. He slowly crawled to me and I instinctively opened my legs. Kieran positioned himself on top of me. "Breathe, Maria. Hold my hand. Squeeze if you feel pain." He whispered. I nodded and Kieran began to penetrate my womanhood. I moaned lightly as Kieran began to fasten his pace. "Baby, you're so tight." Kieran whispered. He then pushed his full length into me and I screamed loudly. I grunted and moaned softly as Kieran thrusted into my body. My nails scratched his backside as he and I moaned in pleasure. "Oh, Kieran. Punish me, please!" Kieran then began to lick and suck my breasts. I held him close and grabbed onto Kieran for dear life. He was so amazing in bed. He was making his pace faster until he said, "Baby, I can't hold on. I'm gonna cum. Oh oh MARIA!" "KIERAN!!" He and I climaxed. We were catching our breath and smiled at each other. "I love you, Maria." I looked up at Kieran and said, "I love you too, Kieran."

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