Chapter 19-Dance

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Kieran POV
I dismissed all of the guests from the wedding and asked Elizabeth to call Maria from the bedroom. I walk the last guest out and shut the door. As I lock the door, I turn around to see Maria standing at the last step of the stairs. I smile as I see her walking towards me. She is still in her white summer dress with her fiery red hair flowing down her shoulders. She extensor hand towards me and says,"Kieran why was Stefan so upset with you? Surely, you were a wonderful brother." I looked at her and said, "I haven't been the best brother. I left my home in search of something else and Stefan stayed. Father had passed when I was young and my mother died shortly after I left." She was awestruck. "Mom left me everything to me from the castle to the money. Stefan was so upset and he left. Since then, he has hated me and desired everything that I have had. Especially now, since we've gotten married. I honestly think he is upset because I have a title." She was a little baffled."Title?" Maria asked me. "I am technically a Duke, which makes you a Duchess. You and I have a title to this castle and when I met you, I knew then that I wanted only you as my wife, my one true and eternal love." Maria's eyes looked glassy as if she were about to cry. I held her close to me and hugged her tightly. I lead her to the ballroom, so we could have more privacy.

Maria POV
Kieran lead me to the ballroom, which was massive. I gasped at the size of the room. Kieran looked so handsome in his tux. His dark piercing eyes stared up and down my body. He turned me to face an orchestra that was there. "Let us forget our troubles for a while, my darling. Dance with me, my wife." The orchestra started to play "Beauty and the Beast". Kieran placed his arms in a waltz position. I blushed heavily as he brought me close to his muscular chest. "I-I-I can't dance, Kieran," I whispered. Kieran smiled and said, "Feel the music flow through your body. Let me lead, my love." He and I began to dance slowly. We picked up the pace and eventually, he had lifted me into the air like Beast did with Belle. In that moment, I was the happiest I had ever been. The music was dying down and I didn't want the night to end. "Kieran, I want to dance more. Please?" Kieran smiled and waved to the orchestra to continue to play. The orchestra began to play "Sway with Me" Kieran looked at me and said, "You don't have to beg for anything unless it comes to sex." I gasped in shock. "Don't act so innocent. I know you want to. After this dance, we'll go back upstairs and make passionate love. To extend our bloodline." I was scared but I felt secure now. I had been saving myself and I am married now. He is handsome and I do want children. As I lean in to kiss Kieran, I thought of my family. My grandmother and grandfather. I was taken from them and I haven't reached out to them. "What's wrong, my love?" Kieran asked me. "I miss my family. I want to see them before I settle roots here. I really miss them." Kieran looks at me, lifts my face to his eyes and says, "We can visit them and bring them here. They can their own wing. Maids to dress them and feed them. Bring them here. Anything to make you happy." I was so happy that I passionately kissed Kieran. He wrapped his arms around my waist and rubs his hand up and down my back, making me moan lightly. Kieran broke the kiss and says, "Maria, I love you. I adore you, my beautiful goddess. Let me claim you tonight." I shuddered and said, "I'm scared." Kieran lifted my face again and said, "I'll be gentle then I'll be rough." I smiled and said, "I'm ready, Kieran." Kieran kissed me one last time and picked me up bridal style. He dismissed the orchestra and used his speed to take me to our honeymoon suite.

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