Chapter 15-Black Wedding

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Maria POV

"NO!" I screamed. I pushed my chair outward from the table and stared at Kieran. "I will NEVER marry you! You took me from my home, my grandparents and my life! I want to go home!" Kieran was angry and he slammed his fists on the table, breaking the table in two. "You WILL marry me! I will make sure that you have the dress of your desire. Be ready by tomorrow." Kieran walked over to me and lifted my head up to face him. "You will be mine." Kieran said. He left me alone in the grand dining room and I sobbed quietly. Elizabeth walks in and says, "Master Morningstar has some dresses for you. Let's go try some." A servant came and cleared my plate and drink away and Elizabeth took me by my arm and lead me to a massive room with a three-way mirror and dresses galore. My head was still looking towards the floor and I dreaded wearing any of them. "Elizabeth, let's look at the dresses tomorrow. I can't right now." Elizabeth walked away and closed the door, locking it behind her. I sulked in my bed and covered myself. I didn't even take my dress off. I began to drift off in a dream. 

"You may kiss the bride." The minister said. I look towards Kieran. He is baring his fangs at me and tilts my head sideways. He then sinks his teeth into my neck and all I do is yell and beg. 

I wake up drenched in sweat and panting out of breath. My dress was replaced with silk pajamas and fuzzy socks. I saw that a fire was lit and that my window was open. I go to close the window when I hear a voice. "Don't. It's cool yet toasty in the room. Just how you like it." Kieran stepped out of the shadows and into the light of the fire. His mischievous grin was so hard to ignore. "Why are you here? Isn't bad luck to see the bride before her wedding night?" I sarcastically remarked. Kieran smiled and walked closer to me. "I've come to offer my apologies for tonight's argument. I am sorry for the distress I might have caused you. After the wedding, I promise to bring your family over here and visit with you. Until then, rest and I'll see you in the morning." Kieran walked away and left me in my room, scared and alone. I then plop back into bed and cover myself when Kieran walked into the room once more. "I forgot your gift." I lifted myself off the bed and groaned. Kieran sat next to me and held my face in his hand. "You'll be groaning all night after I'm through with you, my mistress." Kieran whispered to me and kissed my cheek. He handed me a small box with a black bow. I opened it and it was a beautiful ring with emeralds on the side. "It was my grandmother's. It's yours now, my love. Sweet dreams, my beautiful girl" he kissed me on my lips and walked away. I then cuddled in my blankets and pillow and slept, hoping things will change.

The Next Morning

I woke up to the chattering of people, glasses clinking, and laughter. Elizabeth walks in my room with a black wedding dress. "Kieran wants to see this on you." I gulped quietly and decided to go along. Elizabeth sets the bath for me and waits. After I finish showering, Elizabeth and two other girls are waiting to dry my hair, fix my make-up, help me with my dress, and bouquet. I looked at myself, wearing a beautiful black Gothic style dress with red roses as the bouquet. My lips were dressed with red lipstick, my face with rouge, and my eyes with black eyeshadow. I walk down the stairs towards the garden. My heart is racing and thumping loudly. I'm on the verge of tears as I see Kieran standing near the priest and awaiting for me. "Child, don't be afraid. He's a wonderful man. Go ahead." Elizabeth whispered to me. As the bridal march is played, I step closer and closer to my demise more than my happy ending.

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