Chapter 11-Stealing Me

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Maria POV
I had picked up Daisy and we saw our movie. We went to see 'Happy Death Day', which was very interesting and amazing. I was still in a daze of what had happened last night and this morning with Madame Shelley. "M, are you okay?" Daisy asked me as I was dropping her off. "Yes, I'm okay. I'll see you later, Days." She smiled and hugged me as she went to her car. I watched as she drove away. I stayed in the parking lot and parked my car. I am deep into thought of me and Kieran. "Maria, get a grip! He isn't obsessed with you!" I said to myself. My thoughts were interrupted by the 'Sherlock' theme song I placed as my ringtone. It was my Grandma Amy. "Sweetheart, I know you said you were gonna come home at 5, but can you be home at 10?" I was puzzled and asked, "Why? is everything okay?" Grandma Amys sighs and says, "Well, your grandfather and I wanted a night together. I sent some money to your account. Go see a movie, eat, or anything. But be home by 10." We said goodbye and hung up. I look around at the strip mall I was at and saw a clothing store. I lock my car and walk towards it. In the window was a beautiful flowy white dress with both tank and off-the-shoulder straps and a plunging sweetheart neckline. Along the bottom of the dress was a 31' inch slit that exposed my left leg. Luckily, it was floor length and wouldn't drag as I walked. I then decided to buy it, along with some silver heels and flats. In total, it was $75 but not that bad. I then decide to go head towards a hamburger joint. I walk in and sit in a booth. Men were staring at me and women were hitting the men staring at me. "Hi, what can I get you today?" I quickly looked at the menu and said, "I'll have a bacon and mushroom cheeseburger with curly fries and also, a small order of fried pickles, please. And a cherry Coke." The lady nodded her head and left. I then decided to call Daisy to see if she did want to hang out again. No answer. She must be busy, I thought. My fried pickles were brought out with ranch and my cherry Coke. I then see I'm next to a wall plug so I plug my phone in and watch Netflix. I scroll for my shows and saw 'Walking Dead' had new episodes. I was then given my burger and started eating while watching my show. After eating, I paid my bill and left. It was already 7:25. I then called Daisy again. No answer. "Something's wrong," I said. I get into my car and then drive to her home. Her car is there and I see her running out of her home with a gym bag and suitcase. I get down and yell, "Daisy! You scared me!" Daisy was panting and said, "I'm sorry! My grandmother was admitted to the hospital. I had to rush her to get her clothes! We'll talk tomorrow, okay?" I hugged her and she dashed off to her car. I then left to my home. I parked away from the house and snuck into my room through the window. I hear slow music in the living room. I then decide to try on my dress and let my hair down. I look in the mirror and twirl in my dress. I became dizzy after stupidly doing that. As I was going to undress, I heard a voice. "Maria." I turned to see a mist-like figure standing at my window. Then, it disappears. Curious, I placed on my flats and snuck outside again. The mist floated into the woods. I followed it even though it was dark. As the mist disappeared, I heard a growl. A low growl. I turned around and I saw a creature with red eyes and sharp teeth. I gasped loudly and ran for my life. The creature chased me. I began screaming and yelling, "Please! Someone help me!" The creature was gaining on me. Finally, the creature captured me and pinned me to the ground. I whimper and say, "Please. Please don't hurt me." The creature smiled and leaned in to whisper in my ear. "Mine." I then blacked out and sank into the dark abyss that awaited me.

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