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Beckett Furrer. Groom. Bachelor's Party. Drunk. Desire. Lust. And mistakes.

Three years later, what happened that day still haunted his sleep and waking hours. Not because the wedding was cut off, but because of the woman who gave him the sexiest and erotic night of his life.

But the thing was... He didn't see her face because of the mask she was wearing that night, but he saw the tattoo on her back - that tribal tattoo that never left his dreams and consciousness.

It would really be a dream come true if he saw her again... the woman he'd been looking for for three years now.

And just like any other coincidences ... He saw her in his friend's wedding.

And she happened to be the best friend of his friend's bride. He's the Best man and she's the Maid of Honor. Not to mention that he knows her for years now!

How fuck up was this?



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